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Home Remedy Haven is one of the fastest growing home remedy information websites in the world. Our readers not only learn about natural health, alternative medicine and home remedies, but they actually participate in the sharing of information by submitting their own remedies,

using the 'ask a question' area and by listing their own websites or businesses in our health directory.

Our goal is support natural healing and educate people about the myths of some prescription or conventional medicines (that they are either effective or have no side effects, or both). We believe by having our readers get involved, the truth about home remedies, holistic health and wellness therapies can make huge advances in today's medical scientific community. 

Best of all, Home Remedy Haven is fun! Learn about natural healing for virtually any ailment from acne to back pain to the common cold! Don't forget to submit your own home remedy for people across the globe!

Disclaimer: While the home remedies posted on this site are generally safe, not all home remedies will work for everyone, and any treatment method can be dangerous if not performed correctly. Home remedies can also cause certain allergic reactions in some individuals. Always consult your physician before attempting any type of self treatment or home remedy.

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