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Choose a category below to find informative articles and information on health related issues and practices. We are constantly adding new artcles - so stop by often.  Our article base includes key medical issues such as STDs, skin care and skin health, hair loss, beauty tips, diets, yoga, exercise and more covering both mens and womens health issues.

Future sections will include menopause (both male and female), pregnancy, childhood illness and more.

 Acupuncture (12)
Chinese acupuncture has been practice for centuries, and Western culture has embrace acupuncturists and acupuncture treatment as an alternative to surgery and medication.
Alternative medicine is quickly becoming a standard medical alternative in first world countries. Beyond acupuncture and massage therapy, holistic alternative medicines and herbal medicines and quickly becoming a huge player in the medical field. Learn how alternative medicine may be the equivalent of the 19th century 'tablet'.
Practiced in India for over 5,000 years, Ayurvedic medicine treats diseases and ailments on a personal and natural level, with undisputed success. Learn more about Ayurvedic healing, this ancient for of alternative medicine and why researchers are finding convincing evidence of its combative effects on many diseases and conditions.
 Beauty Tips (23)
Our natural beauty tips provide beauty and aging tips ranging from ancient traditions to cutting edge natural beauty products and techniques. Find out more about your natural beauty including natural weight loss, natural aging products, natural detoxifiers, antioxidants and more.
Chiropractic treatment has been around for centuries and can be used to cure back pain, neck pain, leg pain and more. But did you know chiropractors can also relieve your migraines? How about lower stress and anxiety? Learn more about how today's chiropractors do so much more than crack your back!
 Crystals (0)
Learn all about healing crystal and gemstone healing including related vibration healing techniques and using chakra therapy to change your aura. Learn about the different healing qualities of different gems and crystals and how crystal healing is becoming one of today's predominant alternate healing choices.
 Diet (8)
You are what you eat - and our diet section provides useful information on what you should be eating, and what to avoid. Read about the newest diet crazes, which vitamins you need and which you don't, and how to convince your entire family to eat a proper diet.
Diseases and medical conditions can change the lives of people and those around them in an instant. Our diseases and conditions section provides in depth information about many types of diseases and conditions, treatments, symptoms and how to live your life to the fullest despite your condition.
Everybody knows that exercise is important, but did you know that daily exercise can help reduce the chances of many ailments, disorders and illnesses including heart attacks, acne and even depression? Learn how researchers have found that daily exercise can do much more than tighten your abs.
 Hair Loss (7)
Hair loss is one of the leading causes for cosmetic medicinal consumption in males. Learn how to prevent hair loss, treat hair loss, and how to find a hair loss product that's right for you. Our hair loss information also deals with cutting edge hair loss technology and does away once and for all the myths associated with hair loss.
Our health advice section provides in depth advice on all of today's top health issues. Using natural healing as a foundation, we explore health for men women and children, helping you make the best decisions when it comes to your health and the health of your family.
 Injuries (3)
It's almost impossible to avoid injury, especially if you have an active lifestyle. This section provides information about various types of injuries and the best ways to help them heal using home remedies or alternative medicines. Sports injuries, sprains, cuts, bruises and burns are all discussed.
 Mens Health (10)
Read more about men's health in our Men's Health section. Covering important men's health topics such as prostate and testicular cancer, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, athlete's foot and more, our men's section provides natural treatments, home remedies, health advice and more.
 Nutrition (1)
Enter our nutrition section and find all the answers to your questions on healthy eating, nutrition and recent studies on diet and vitamins. Learn all of the latest nutrition breakthroughs, the best natural foods, and easy ways to promote proper nutrition into your family's everyday routine.
 Skin Care (37)
Our section on skin care reveals the best kept secrets of natural skin care and epidermal treatment. We cover everything from anti-aging remedies and skin toners to laser surgery and acne removal. Learn how our skin is not only our largest organ, but also our most beautiful. Our natural skin care tips will help you keep it that way.
 STD (0)
Our section on STD's provides the latest scientific information on the symptoms, treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Learn about the latest cures and how you can get screened for STD's. We also provide information on how to cope with and STD and how to find the resources available to you.
Need to know if that latest weight loss craze is a scam? Our weight loss section provides unbiased information on all the latest weight loss trends and programs. Learn how to lose weight naturally and at your own pace. We'll dispel the weight loss myths and get you shedding the pounds - naturally.
 Wellness (9)
Your health and wellness is what should be most important to you. Find why more and more people are looking toward not just being healthy - but being well. For thousands of years ancient meditations and philosophies have focused on wee-being: learn how the tradition is alive and 'well' and continuing to gain momentum.
Our women's health section covers health topics important to women including pregnancy, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, menstruation, menopause, beauty, nutrition and much more. Find out how women's health is more important than ever and how paying attention to your personal health can raise the level of the overall health of your family.
 Yoga (0)
Yoga, its many different styles and techniques are becoming ever popular in common daily workout routines. Find out what yoga really is and what to expect as a yoga beginner. Learn about the history of yoga, why so many practice it, and how it can help heal ailments such as anxiety, depression and a sense of self worth.
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