Home Remedy For A Black Eye

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The infamous black eye is something almost everyone will end up with sometime in their life.

A nice shiner as some call it may be a bit annoying to some, especially if it occurs when you are no longer a child. If you are a woman you can place a bit more make-up on your face to somehow blend in the black eye but for men, hey, some will wear it with pride. So is there actually ways you can cure a black eye? Actually yes there is. There are a few different home remedies for black eye cures which is quite spectacular.

Of course the first thing many do when they are hit in the eye is grab an ice pack or frozen veggies and place it on their eye to keep the swelling down as much as possible. Other black eye home remedies would be using cotton balls soaked in warm water. Placing these wet, warm cotton balls around your eye area, it will reduce swelling. These two home remedy for a black eye options are the ones which most frequently will be used. There are a few additional home remedies for black eye that others may question before using but they have been shown to work so why not give it a try.

Black eye home remedies may also include witch hazel pads. The witch hazel has been shown to take the darkness away from any area, especially around the eye. Try to leave them on your eye for the entire night if possible to see a difference when you wake up in the morning. Your black eye should not be as dark as it would have been if not treated quickly. After a few uses you should see the darkness vanish completely rather than waiting a few days to a week or so for the black eye to go away on its own. Adding a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to at least five teaspoons of Vaseline will create a great paste you can apply onto your black eye. Make sure not to rub the mixture into your eye but applying this Vaseline mixture to your eye at least three times a day will decrease the discoloration.

If you would rather try anything but adding remedies around your eye or onto the black and blue spots on your eye, you can always try eating or drinking a few different fruits. Pineapple and papaya have been shown to reduce the darkness around the eyes as many call them “bags.” You can either eat the fruits or drink the juices to reduce the darkness from your black eye. Try not to take aspirin as many would assume to pop as soon as a black eye would occur due to pain. This may only prolong your black eye discoloration for some.

There are many different home remedy for black eye options to choose from so make sure if one does not work to try another. All these home remedies for black eye are all natural so they will not harm you in any way. If you notice dizziness or nauseous from your black eye make sure to contact your doctor immediately.

Article Last Modified Monday, May 9, 2011
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