Cat Repellent Home Remedies

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Cats are adorable animals. They make friendly, harmless and wonderful pets. But they can sometimes be a nuisance and do more harm than good. Once in a while you will find them in unwanted places like the kitchen cabinet, dinner tables or kitchen counter.

They can be a nuisance outdoors as well.

They can mess up your lovely flowers or use the flower pots as the litter box. What can be more annoying, they can scratch your car and dig up holes in your flower garden for who knows what. Well if you though it all ends there, cats can do more harm to your health. If you are pregnant or you have anyone pregnant in your house, then watch out for the cat waste and make temporary enemies with the cat at least till when the baby is born. Cat waste can cause toxoplasmosis which can lead to severe birth defects in the newborn baby. It is for these reasons that the following cat repellent home remedies should be at your fingertips.

One of the best cat repellent home remedies is the use of citrus odors. Cats just detest the smell of all the citrus fruits. The smell of these fruits which we humans find pleasing is an effective cat repellent. If you can buy any commercial product from the stores with citrus odors, be it lemon or orange, then that can work well for you. Just get the spray and spray it well in the areas you do not want the cat. You can also spread some citrus fruit peels in your garden or flower pot if you do not want your cat in such places. One good thing with this home remedy is the fact that it has no side effects at all.

Aluminium foil is yet another good cat repellent, especially for flat surfaces. It is one of the best cat repellent home remedies for indoor use. Simply get pieces of aluminum foil then take your time set them well around the corners and edges of your kitchen cabinets, corner of table tops. If you can just cover the entire area with an aluminum sheet, then that would be a big plus for you. Cats detest aluminium foils due to their uneven surfaces. They try as much as they can to keep off from things that give their paws uncomfortable crinkly feelings.

White vinegar can also be used as cat repellent. Cats do not like the pungent smell of white vinegar at all. Just pour the white vinegar outside on the area that you do not like to cat to visit. It will not even take long, the cat will hardly be seen in such areas. Alternatively you can use water to keep off the cats form the places you do not want them. Just get a squirt bottle and keep it close to you. Each time you cat gets near the pace it is not supposed to be, spay it with some water. Cats hate water and will with time keep off the areas you do not want them if you punish them by spraying some water on them.


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