Natural Products For Cat Scratches

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When someone is scratched by a cat they will most likely clean the scrape and let it go.

Some are not aware that there is a disease which a cat can carry around and infect a human with if they are scratched. This is called CSD, cat scratch disease. If the cat would scratch a human the lymph nodes would swell around the scratch area. This is due to the immune system attacking the area where the cat scratch is. CSD is caused by germs which are called Bartonelle Henselae. This can be given to the cats due to fleas or even other cats which are infected with the disease. Once the cat is infected this can be passed to a human through a scratch or even a cat which may lick your wound. There are several methods to sure cat scratches.

If you have a basic cat scratch you may feel that treating it from home will give you a bit more security before an infection can occur. Natural products for scratches given to a human by a cat are a bit easier to come upon. Even your basic scratch can be cured by home remedies for scrapes. Some of these are a bit unique and many will be icked away before even trying them but hey, it is worth a try. If you notice a cut or a cat scratch on yourself you can use Asafoetida powder. This is a natural antibacterial powder which will control the bleeding. Another type of kitchen product which you can use as a treatment for scratches would be honey out of your kitchen cupboard. Just place a small amount of honey over the cut or scratch and this will act as a natural antibiotic. Almost everyone has honey in their cupboard so this is a must try since all honey is natural.

Other natural products for scratches which you can use would be an older remedy which your mother or grandmother might have used on you. After rinsing out your cut or scrape you would then pour hydrogen peroxide over the cut. This will bubble showing that it is cleaning the cut from infection which my occur if left unattended. Once this is done, depending on how deep the cut is, many will use glue. For some this could sting but it will close up the cut before dirt and other bacteria can enter.

With so many different treatment for scratches out there you may have to try several until you find one which will suit your cuts and scrapes. If you are a mother you may want to make sure to try home remedies for scrapes since you may have a lot of them in your future with a younger or even older child. Honey is something you can always keep on the grocery list to make sure you have enough natural products for scratches on hand if someone comes to you with a booboo. You will be ready for anything that comes your way when it involves a scratch or scrape.

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