Home Remedies for Dizziness

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When a person suffers from dizziness, it is usually because of improper blood circulation in the body.

You tend to feel as if you were about to fall down and perhaps light-headed for a while too. Anemia, low blood pressure, low blood sugar and severe migraine are the usual causes for dizziness.

Sometimes, even an ear infection, or a flu or viral attack can lead to dizziness. The best treatment for dizziness is to sit or lie down for a while, and to try out one of these home remedies for dizziness.

  1. Consuming non-carbonated syrups help in treating dizziness a lot as it cools down the stomach and gives instant relief. Another option for quick relief is gingerroot capsules.
  2. Drinking lots of water and fresh fruit juices is a very effective home remedy for dizziness. However avoid sugary drinks like cola and soft drinks as they do not have any impact in improving your condition.
  3. Make a mixture of mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper in equal proportions. Drink this mixture with a glass of water as it helps improve blood circulation and make you feel steady.
  4. Another popular home remedy for dizziness is a mixture of lemon extract, a pinch of black pepper and salt and water. Drinking it will provide lots of relief.
  5. If you are suffering from some other disease that caused your dizziness in the first place like ear infection, flu or viral and respiratory diseases, treating the condition will treat your dizziness.
  6. Home remedies for dizziness includes drinking a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar. You will wonder at how fast this remedy gives you relief.
  7. Good old yoghurt is great for treating dizziness. Its effects are even better if you mix the peels of some fruits while eating it.
  8. A good old home remedy for dizziness comprises of soaking 10 – 12 almonds, 3 tablespoons of wheat and some pumpkin seeds overnight. You have to grind all this to a paste the next day, and while adding some cloves, boil the mixture for a few minutes with milk. If required, you could add some sugar for taste. Drink this mixture everyday for a few days, and you will experience instant relief from dizziness.

Try amla to treat your dizziness problem. All you have to do is soak amla with coriander overnight, and eat it the next morning.

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