Home Remedies for Folliculitis

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Many people do not know or have an idea that they suffer from folliculitis despite the disease being very common and there being several reasons why it can be easily contacted.

In fact, most people suffering form this diseases just dismiss it as a normal rash or itch while it is not really so.  This condition develops when hair follicles which lie under the skin are damaged. They can be damaged by friction, shaving, being bitten by insects and by blockage. In most cases, after the damage, the staphylococcus bacteria invade and attack them.

The symptoms vary from mild to severe and include pustules, pimples and rush which may sometimes crust over. They appear in the armpits, neck and in the genital region. This condition is diagnosed by taking a lab test which can only identify whether the hair follicles have been invaded by fungi or bacteria. It is a serious disease which you may suffer for long without knowing but the good news is that there are many folliculitis home remedies which you can try to deal treat or reduce the symptoms or effects of this disease.

You must note that the several home remedies for folliculitis have varying levels of efficacy and effectiveness from one user to another. Their success may depend on how consistently you practice them. You should be cautious and clever enough to make adequate enquiries and research because some of the remedies may in fact not work at all. One of these home remedies for folliculitis is bathing in water which is mixed with white vinegar. You should gently scrub the affected are a so that the vinegar gets in to the skin. This is meant to kill the microorganisms which as sated earlier may be bacteria or fungi.  You can also rub sugar or baking soda on the affected area to make the skin smooth.

Another established home remedy for folliculitis is taking a salt water bath. You should warm some water dissolve some cooking table salt in it. Do not bathe with soap because the salty water should be allowed to get into the pimples which crust over. It will soothe your skin and reduce the itching or the burning sensation. This should be done severally, frequently and for along time and you will start seeing results.

Another home remedies for folliculitis is by applying natural products which contain snail serum as their major or only ingredient on the affected areas. This should be done often and for along period of time before positive results begin to be seen. You should avoid anything which contains chemicals because they can worsen the itching. Avoid eating anything which you are allergic to or that which may trigger itching or formation of pimples on your skin. Some people have also stated that you can naturally treat folliculitis by giving it time since it goes off naturally. This is however possible only if it is not hereditary or complicated. The problem with waiting is that it may instead develop from mild to serious or worse and so it is advisable to apply the natural methods of treatment whenever you notice that you have this disease.

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