Natural Remedy for Hamstring Injury

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The movement of the many constituent body parts is aided by the different muscles.

Of all the muscles in the body, the hamstring muscles happen to be the most vital muscle.

A strain of the muscles can be categorized into two

·         Overuse injury- this is where chronic stress causes the muscles to stretch. The muscles get sore though it doesn’t come with loss of strength or inability to function

·         Acute injury- This results from excessive pressure causing the fibers of the muscles to tear hence causing bleeding, pain, swelling, inability to function and also the muscle looses strength.

 A torn hamstring results from taking on intense activities or overusing the muscles by stressing them over long periods of time. Located around the lower limb at the back of the thigh, the hamstring muscles are very sensitive and could easily be injured. Hamstring muscles have three sets of distinct muscles aiding in the hip movement, knee movement and the movement of the legs. Muscle pull happens to be the commonest form of injuries affecting the hamstring muscles. The pulling of the muscles start as a mild pain mainly at the area of the limb which is stretched, taking on to the thigh area and eventually affecting the back if not arrested in time. This distribution of pain comes with increasing magnitude of pain eventually becoming unbearably intense enough to prevent you from going on with your duties.

It would therefore be imperative that you arrest the pain before it increases to unmanageable levels or cascades to other parts of the body. There is definitely a natural remedy for hamstring injury. There are several ways in which the pulling of the hamstring muscle could be arrested in the following procedure-:

·         Restrict the movement of the strained part of the body as much as possible while giving the affected area as much time to rest as possible. It is imperative that you however keep that part of the body in the most comfortable position possible as a natural remedy for hamstring injury.

·         Icing the paining area regularly helps relieve the tensed muscles therefore easing the pain.

·         Use a bandage on the injured area to compress the injury after icing the strained area sufficiently.

·         Mild regular exercising should be done with particular emphases on the affected area. This relieves the muscles of the pain or the strain. Exercising also gets the muscles into shape and can be compared to rolfing as it breaks down the excess connective fibers and muscles therefore ensuring that the alignment of the muscles is not hampered.

·         Swedish massage can also be applied to muscles strained due to overuse. This could be combined with hydrotherapy and other heat treatments which could be hot or cold soaks, underwater massage and whirlpool baths.

·         Rolfing- This involves deep manipulation of the connective tissue thus breaking down the excess of the same and therefore preventing the improper alignment of the muscle. The process is however painful.

Natural remedy for hamstring injury is definitely more preferable than medical treatment. However, it should be noted that a medical practitioner should be consulted in case of worsening condition pertaining to a hamstring injury.

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