Natural Remedy for Heat Rash

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Like many other ailments, there is bound to be a natural remedy for heat rash.

Heat rash primarily occurs when more natural oil or sebum is produced by the subcutaneous layer which is underlying the skin. Heat rash is mostly common during summer time. It comes in the form of little red pimples which can be quite uncomfortable. They may appear in only one part of the body in some people especially due to perspiration during exercises. It would therefore be imperative that one takes a shower after exercising to prevent the blockage of ducts by the nylon clothing that also holds sweat in. It would also be important to change into better types of clothing like cotton.

Heat rash affects both babies and adults. In babies, it occurs when natural oil or sebum is not transported to the skin’s surface by the babies’ sweat glands which are developing. It is mainly caused by humid and hot climate, too much dressing of the baby or even a fever attack on the baby.

When trying to incorporate some natural remedy for heat rash, the first idea that comes into mind is to look into the lifestyle that led to the ailment. It would therefore be important that you go slow or modify this lifestyle so that your body can cool off. This should actually be effective curing heat rash .

 Another natural remedy for heat rash is by the use of  an ice pack which is apply on the skin but on a piece of wash cloth. You could also use zip lock bag with ice cubes. Placing a wash cloth that has been soaked in the water on the skin is also an effective natural remedy for heat rash.

A natural remedy for heat rash also takes the form of a shower in lukewarm water with ground oat meal or even baking soda. Heat rash in babies could be cured naturally using a cough ointment which is rubbed on the baby’s chest. Note that the water has to be lukewarm and not hot since hot water could make the rash to worsen as a rash is brought about by heat. Use cornstarch once you get out of the bathtub.

Other natural remedies for heat rash include-:

·         Applying thick paste of coconut oil and cumin seeds. This should be done about an hour before you take a shower.

·          Use of herbs in bath water- these herbs include Margossa leaves which are boiled and showering done with the water.

·         Sandal wood paste could also be mixed with rose water and applied and the mixture applied on the heat rash so as to reduce the rash and its symptoms.

·         You could also consider reducing the rash’s symptoms by applying twice everyday a mixture of coriander seeds which are cold.

·         Cod-liver oil could also be used as a natural remedy for heat rashes. This is applied on the affected skin and left on for the longest time possible. You could consider the Norwegian cod liver oil which is emulsified and does not smell. Wash it off with cold water.

Even with all the available natural remedies for heat rash, it would be important to consult a medical doctor as pertaining to the medication available and other drugs got over the counter.

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