Home Remedies for Dog Stomach Aches

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The Healthy Dog

The best prevention for stomach aches and illness in your dog is to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet. This includes plenty of exercise, ample clean water and a healthy diet.

Signs of Good Health

One of the most visible signs of a healthy pet is the coat and skin.

The coat of your dog should be glossy and pliable. There should be no dandruff, excess oil or bald spots. The skin should also be flexible and smooth. Check your dog for fleas, ticks or parasites as they can all make the dog ill. Flea “dirt” or black specks can be an indication of flea infestation. If the pet has been in a wooded area or tall grassy areas check for ticks or other parasites which can cause illness in your dog.  


Digestive and general health can often be predicted by the elimination of your pet. The urine should be clear and yellow. The average dog has 1-2 bowel movements per day; the stools should be brown and firm. Runny, bloody or watery or straining stools should prompt medical attention.


The dog’s weight indicates the balance between diet and exercise. If he is getting enough food and proper exercise but still seems over or under weight it may indicate health problems.

Proper Veterinary Care

Regular check ups and medical care is an essential part of maintaining a healthy pet. Attempts to self treat can have serious complications as stomach aches in dogs could be a symptom of more serious conditions. If you have any concerns about your dog’s health seek medical attention from your family vet.

Home Remedies for Dog Stomach Aches


The best plan for your dog is to feed food specially designed for the health and nutrition of your pet. Table scraps and special treats may make for stomach aches in your dog. Never give your dog alcohol.

Turkey bones can choke your dog or cause symptoms of distress. Keep scraps and garbage contained so your pet can’t help him/herself to the bins. Eating the wrong foods can cause stomach distress.

Household plants can be toxic to your pet. Holiday plants like poinsettias, holly and mistletoe can all cause stomach aches in your dog. Keep plants in an area that your dog can’t reach.

On Christmas trees keep ornaments from the low branches as the paint and decorations can make the dog ill if he eats them.

Check the Food

There may be ingredients in your dog’s food that are causing stomach aches. Beet pulp and corn are common ingredients that may cause your dog to have serious stomach distress. Your dog may have allergies to new food products, gluten and dairy are common allergic reactions.

When in Doubt Check it Out

The best remedy anytime your dog is experiencing real distress is to check with your vet. Don’t use human medications without checking for serious conditions.


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