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Drug tests are carried out for various reasons like when employers want to learn more about their employees, parents to find out if their kids are on drugs, to find out if sports people are taking illegal drugs and in unknown cases of death. Though drug tests are a necessity in most of these cases, sometimes, one might want to know about available home remedies for passing drug tests.

The main thing you have to do before drug tests is to cleanse and detoxify your body.

This is to get rid of all the heavy metals, drugs and nicotine in your body. One such effective drug test home remedy is herbal tea as it helps clear the drug metabolics for a few hours after ingesting it.

Water is a great drug test home remedy. Many people think that you have to drink as much water as possible days or weeks before the drug test. However, it is better to drink as much water as you can in the few hours you have before the test. This helps in filling your kidneys which in turn dilutes your urine so that there is insufficient THC metabolites in it to register on a drug test.

Cranberry juice can help in passing drug tests

As it is, diuretics are worthless for passing a drug test. However when combined with dilution in the form of water and dilution products, you have a perfect remedy for passing drug tests. You have to remember that it is not sufficient to just drink lots of fluids to clear your urine of THC metabolites; you also have to pee frequently to get them out of your system.

Cranberry juice has always been considered a great drug test home remedy. It is basically as useful in clearing a drug test as a diuretic is. However don’t expect to clear a drug test just with it; this too has to be used with dilution as home remedies for passing drug tests.

Exercising can be considered one of the home remedies to pass a drug test as it helps get rid of fat. And it is in fat cells that THC metabolites get stored. Once you lose fat cells, your body eliminates these metabolites, and thus helps you pass a drug test. However don’t exercise heavily before your drug test as it may flush out more metabolites from your system than you want on your test day.

Don’t give morning urine for tests

Vinegar is thought to be an effective drug test home remedy, when it isn’t. Basically, it lowers the urine pH value, which helps in increasing the speed of excretion of amphetamines. This can at the most, lead to a reduction of detection time for amphetamines and nothing more.

Whatever home remedies for passing drug tests you may use, never give your first urine of the day for testing. This urine is the heaviest as it contains an overnight toxin buildup. Moreover, avoid the first and last parts of your urine when sending for a test; catch the middle portion as a sample as it has the lowest amount of toxins.

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