Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Spiders

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Most spiders in the US are harmless with the exception of the Brown Recluse Spider or Violin (brown with a violin marking on its head), the Black Widow Spider (shiny black with a red hourglass on its abdomen) and the Funnel Spider (with yellow markings).   The Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders are found in the Southern and Western States and tend to live in dark, undisturbed areas.

Any spider bite  that is potentially from one of these dangerous spiders should result in seeking immediate medical attention as they can have serious complications and in some cases, particularly in elderly and young children can cause death.

 Benefits of Spiders

Spiders can have household benefits. Even the Violin Spider will eat cockroaches, silverfish and soft bodied insects. Cobweb spinning Cellar Spiders will eat Black Widow Spiders. Common house spiders can eat crickets and small flying insects. Wolf Spiders help gardens and lawns by ridding them of detrimental pests such as fleas.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Spiders

Prevention is often the best remedy. Keep undisturbed areas clean and free of dark hiding places. Don’t let leaves or wood accumulate near your house as they are favorite hiding places. Clean corners and dark areas of the house as well, as spiders will build webs in corners and dark areas of the house. Clean up trash, less trash inside or outside the house will mean less spiders.

Look for the entrance areas, are they coming in through cracks, crevices or open areas to the outside, if so seal them tightly. Eliminate food sources; spiders need other insects to survive so eliminate any other insects from the house.

Essential Oils

Spraying spiders and their areas with any of the following essential oils will rid your house of spiders. Lavender oil, rose oil, citronella, citrus oil or cinnamon oil are all effective in eliminating spiders.

Eucalyptus leaves in closets, under pieces of furniture or in drawers will deter spiders.   Bay leaves sprinkled around the house will deter spiders and their food supply.

The lemon oil in Lemon Pledge is said to repel spiders. Use it to dust entryways and areas where you have seen spiders.

Some home remedy experts suggest using Lady Bugs to eliminate the spiders; they are natural predators for the food supply of spiders.  

Prepare a paste of cloves from whole cloves and a bit of water blended completely in water. Use the paste in corners, garage bays and other spider ‘hot spots’ to eliminate spiders naturally.

Glue traps are also a great solution to spiders. The glue traps will capture flies, small flying bugs and other spider food. The spiders will enter the trap for the food and be unable to free themselves.

Remember if you are bitten by a spider, try to capture it and seek immediate medical attention to prevent any serious complications.  

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