Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

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Eye Health (Bags under Eyes or Puffy Eyes)

As we age, the tissue around our eyes weakens including the muscles supporting the eyelids. This allows the fat supporting the eyes to move into the lower eyelids making the eyes appear puffy. Fluid can also accumulate in the tissue under the eye which makes for a “bagged” or puffy appearance under the eyes .

Bags and puffiness under the eye are generally more of an aesthetic concern than a medical condition.

Symptoms of Puffy Eyes
In general the signs of puffy eyes include mild swelling, saggy, crepey or loose skin and dark circles under the eyes.   

If the swelling is severe and persistent or includes redness, itching and pain or swelling is present in other areas such as your legs you should seek medical attention .

Causes of Puffy Eyes
Aging causes the skin and tissue to loosen or weaken which can allow the fat to shift or fluid to accumulate. This can be exacerbated by hormone levels, salty foods or fluid retention. Sleeping flat on your back or lack of sleep can also exaggerate the appearance of puffiness. Allergies and dermatitis may cause itching or redness along with the puffiness. Heredity may be responsible for the puffy appearance in some cases.

Medical Treatment
In most cases baggy or puffy eyes are cosmetic in concern and do not require medical treatment. It is important to rule out medical conditions such as allergies or infections as the cause of the puffiness. In some cases skin treatments such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels or other anti-aging techniques may reduce the appearance of puffiness. In blepharoplasty, or eyelid plastic surgery the surgeon removes the excess fat and skin.

Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

Water, Water
Fluid retention and dehydration often cause the puffy appearance. In both cases the best solution is to increase water intake. Avoid caffeine and carbonated beverages as they may increase edema or water retention.

Cold compresses may reduce the swelling or puffiness. Gel filled eye masks can be kept in the refrigerator until needed making for a soothing, refreshing solution.

Grated potatoes or cucumbers or tea bags soaked in cold water can all provide a soothing reduction in swelling.   Ice packs or cloths soaked in cold milk are often recommended to reduce the swelling.

Protect your eyes from UV rays with proper sunglasses, use sunscreen during skin exposure. Wear glasses or goggles in windy conditions or any intense environmental conditions.

Avoid sleeping flat on your back but try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

Hemorrhoid Cream
Some home remedies suggest hemorrhoid cream for its anti-inflammatory properties which appears to shrink the swelling in the tissue. Some people have found the presence of the cream for hemorrhoids around the eyes to cause eye irritation and watery eyes. 

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