Home Remedy for Black Fly Bites

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Have you ever gotten a nasty bite on your foot, arm, leg, or face while sitting on the beach? Have you ever been camping and felt a sudden sting on your body? You may have just been bitten by a black fly. There are numerous insects that can bite and sting us, some deadly, and some that present a dull throbbing pain for a few hours.

We should know the difference when it comes to insect bites and which ones are more serious.

There are bumble bees, wasps, mosquitoes, fire ants, horseflies, hornets, and so many more insects out there that bite. Black fly bites do not cause an enormous amount of pain and a bite may be more of a shock than anything else.

Black flies tend to hover near areas such as the water and beach. They love to get you when you least expect it, possibly while sun tanning or enjoying a toasty camp fire with friends and family. The actual black fly bite is not harmful, unless you are allergic to them. Most people are not, just as most people are not deathly allergic to bees.

Some tips on how not to attract a black fly are to:

•    Avoid wearing perfumes and cologne, or any other fragrance. Black flies are attracted to all fragrances and sweet smelling perfumes. It is best to not encourage them.

•    Avoid wearing shiny clothing or glittery jewelry as black flies seem to be attracted to it. Dress in calm colors such as brown, blue, grey, and white.

•    Always watch what you are putting near or in your mouth. You may be ready to enjoy a hamburger or soda pop, but look for any flies before taking a drink or bite. Black flies love to be around food and sugary drinks which could lead you to having a nasty sting in the mouth region. It might be best to cover all of the prepared food as well.

•    Wear clothing that is made from cotton and natural fabrics.

•    Keep yourself and your feet covered when camping or out in the great outdoors. Obviously, you cannot cover your feet at all times when swimming and relaxing in the sun on the beach, but be cautious. You can also prevent bites by using some insect repellant spray.

•    Avoid eating sweets while outdoors. For some reason black flies and quite a few of the insects that buzz and bite, are attracted to the sugary smells that exude from you after you eat sugar-based items the day before.

•    A popular home remedy for black fly bites is onion. Onion can be cut and applied to the stung area. This will bring down inflammation and swelling, and even relieve some of the burning itching sensation.

•    Use Aloe Vera as a home remedy for black fly bites. Aloe Vera is a healing agent and it can cool and reduce the swelling after the bite has taken place.

•    Another black fly bite remedy is Witch Hazel. This popular home remedy has been used for years on insect bites, sprains, minor burns, abrasions, and bruises.

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