Natural Treatment for Swollen Adenoids

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Your adenoids are actually enlarged glands that can be found behind your tonsils.

It is the tissue that is located closest to the tonsils. Enlarged adenoids are common in young children. When adenoids are swollen they can become painful, resulting in a sore throat.

Usually the adenoids will prevent infection by acting as a filter in the upper part of the throat. When the adenoids are enlarged they become infected and painful. A natural treatment for swollen adenoids is preferable to surgery.

Natural treatment for swollen adenoids can help prevent the infection from spreading. Gargling in salt water helps increase the circulation of the blood in the area of the throat and it is a great natural treatment for swollen adenoids. You should alternate gargling with hot salty water and cold salty water. This is the best way to see the most results.

A diet that is rich in fats and processed foods has a high carbohydrate content and they contain very little protein. This type of diet is never healthy but it can contribute to lower immune systems. When the immune system is suppressed you are more likely to get an infection. Eating raw vegetables and drinking fresh fruit juices help increase you immune levels and help fight off infection. Drinking plenty of water will also help rid the body of infection.

Another natural treatment for swollen adenoids is mixing lemon or lime juice in warm water. Lemon acts as a natural anti bacterial component and is great for pain relief too. If you do not like the taste of lemon in water you can always sweeten it with some natural honey. Many people find that adding ginger also helps the taste and helps get rid of the infection.

When adenoids are enlarged garlic is a natural remedy. You can take three or four cloves and pound them into a paste. By slightly warming this paste you will be able to extract the juice from the garlic. Most people do not like straight garlic juice so you can add some honey to it to help coat the adenoids and make the juice taste better. Adenoids enlarged respond very well to this type of treatment. Not only does this help reduce inflammation, it helps relieve the pain.

Goldenseal tea is a great natural treatment for swollen adenoids. Use this for a gargle several times daily to help reduce swelling. Herbal tea is also great for adenoids swollen. There are several different types of herbal tea such as sassafras, red clover, Echinacea, or burdock root.

Take a lot of vitamin C to help boost your immune system and prevent infection from occurring. Vitamin C helps fight infection and it promotes healing.

Adenoids often get infected and swollen but there is usually nothing to get worried about. It is a common ailment in children but adults can suffer from it too. In years past most doctors would automatically want to remove the adenoids surgically but now natural treatment for swollen adenoids is a much better option.

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