Swollen Glands Home Remedy

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Swollen glands, also known as swollen tonsils or swollen lymph nodes occur due to infections on the lymph nodes or the tonsils.

These glands are responsible for protecting the body from infections of various types. Swollen glands are therefore symptomatic to tonsils stones or tonsillitis. The lymph nodes are usually found in the neck, beneath the jaw line and behind the ears. Tonsil stones cause the lymph glands diameter to enlarge by even more than one centimeter. Swollen glands affect both children and adults. However, children are more vulnerable and contract the infections more.

The infections of the lymph glands come in two types which are bacteria and viral infections. With the infection, you are likely to have a condition known as tonsillitis. Other symptoms include aching ears, chills, sore throat headache and even fever. You will also be having swallowing problems, tasting and even talking.

Swollen glands home remedy comes in different ways for the different types of infections. This therefore means that it is imperative that you establish which type of infection it is or what the real cause of the infection is. Viral infections cannot be treated though you can ease the pain by taking lozenges and other types of medications. The real cause of the infections can be determined by a qualified medical practitioner or even by the sick person either by taking fluid samples or looking into the lymph nodes’ size.

Home remedies for swollen glands would include gaggling warm salty water especially when the condition is not so advanced. However, when it is in advanced stages, it may require surgery. It is therefore good that one gets oriented with the swollen glands home remedy before the infection reaches advanced stages.

These include-:                                                                                                                       

·         Taking a bath in Epson salt which eases the symptoms, and which actually checks the aches and the fever.

·         You could boost the immune system of your body by taking veggie juice in large amounts. This is because any disease for infection can be described as improper functioning of the body due to an external attack on the body’s immune system. Veggies’ juice would therefore strengthen your immune system thus helping fight the infection.

·         To ease the burning feeling in your throat, you could also consider taking a mix of boiled water, pepper powder and turmeric which eases the pain by coating the throat. A mixture of salt, lime and pure water would also have a soothing effect on you throat.

·         Lemon tea mixed with grated ginger has anti inflammatory effect.

·         Dissolving a teaspoon of medicinal honey or Manuka in the mouth

·         Letting an ice cube in your mouth especially if you are having swallowing difficulties

·         Massaging the swollen glands with vegetable oil in a downward direction. This could be mixed with Eucalyptus or even lavender.

·         You could also ease the discomfort in the swollen area by placing a hot bottle of water or a heat bag on the swollen glands. This eases the discomfort in the area by bringing in some warmth and therefore enabling circulation.

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