Vitex and Herbal Remedies for PCOS

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that can lead to many health problems.

Finding natural remedies for PCOS is essential for maintaining a healthy life.

Women who suffer from PCOS will often experience estrogen increase, irregular menstrual cycles, and an elevated testosterone level. All of these problems lead to other health concerns such as insulin resistance, weight gain, organ damage, and excessive hair growth. Some of these symptoms are embarrassing and some of they can be quite dangerous and life threatening. Vitex and herbal remedies for PCOS is the best treatment for the symptoms because the body reacts positively to natural products.

One of the most prevalent signs of PCOS is the absence of regular menstrual cycles. Many women may actually like this symptom but it can have dire consequences. Women who do not have regular menstrual cycles are at risk for uterine cancer. For those who are trying to conceive, the absence of regular cycles can make it difficult. If they contract uterine cancer the only known cure is a hysterectomy and that will definitely put an end to childbirth.

Smart women will turn to Vitex and herbal remedies for PCOS. Vitex is also known as chaste berry. It helps balance hormone levels and it promotes a regular monthly cycle. Women who suffer from PCOS cannot produce enough progesterone naturally. Progesterone is essential for normal cycles and when the body does not produce enough is when the monthly cycle becomes compromised. Vitex is an herb that helps the body produce enough progesterone for normal monthly function.

Other herbal remedies for PCOS include spearmint tea. As little as two cups a day can help reduce PCOS symptoms. Studies have shown that women who drank two cups of peppermint tea for five days say a reduction in body hair growth and an increase in natural hormones.

Natural remedies for PCOS might include progesterone cream. Women who use the cream for the last two weeks of the cycle tend to have a more normal menstrual cycle. The cream has also been known to help produce ovulation, something that is essential to conceiving.

Vitex and herbal remedies for PCOS is the most natural way to treat the symptoms of the disease. Saw palmetto is a great drug that shows promising results in the treatment of high testosterone levels. It is a great herbal supplement that has been proven to help treat enlarged prostate in men by helping regulate testosterone levels. Studies have shown that it does the same for women as it does for men. Women who use saw palmetto and suffer from acne will also see clearer skin and a reduction in acne breakouts.

Women who lose weight have a better chance at maintaining healthy insulin levels. Vitex can help maintain a healthy weight with just a few simple lifestyle changes. Eating a healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding fatty foods you stand a better change at maintaining healthy insulin levels and you will enjoy a healthier weight. Reducing the fat in your diet is essential to avoiding PCOS symptoms.

Vitex and herbal remedies for PCOS is the best way to keep those PCOS symptoms under control. When your symptoms are under control you can enjoy a normal life.

Article Last Modified Monday, July 18, 2011
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