Ayurvedic Medicine

Whenever you hear of Ayurvedic medicine, you may not know what this is. Pretty much, this is healing science, which is composed of two different words. The first word is Ayu. Pretty much, when you translate Ayu it means life. The second word, Veda, translates to knowledge or science. If you want the literal meaning of Ayurvedic medicine, then it is the science of life medicine.

However, to put it a little bit more simply, Ayurvedic is the science of dealing, not only with the treatment of a disease, but with the treatment of your whole life.


The main thing to note with Ayurvedic treatment is that a lot of people do not know about it yet. That is the only reason why it is not used by very many people today. However, this is starting to change thanks to the internet. Now things like Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurvedic massage, and Ayurvedic diet can be found everywhere. As this fad increases, so will the number of people that start using this method of healing.


Overall, using Ayurvedic medicine is not suppose to cause any kind of symptoms, and that is why people like it. You are suppose to be able to use herbal medicines to ensure mental and physical health without any kind of side effects. This is the major turn on for this form of medication. Since the herbs are all natural, most people can have these medicines without worrying about having any side effects. The overall main goal of Ayurvedic is to maintain a balance in your body from the start so that you never have to worry about getting sick in the first place. Of course, no matter how healthy you are, we all know that we get sick from time to time. That is why Ayurvedic also comes with with medicine that can be used to heal you. The main thing that you will be focusing on is the Ayurvedic diet, which will keep you (for the most part) from ever getting sick.


There have been a lot of claims that have come with Ayurvedic medicine. Even the Ayurvedic massage is said to be a great stress reliever. The Ayurvedic diet is said to really increase your metabolic rate. Some doctors do not support Ayurvedic at all. Before you get into taking this kind of medicine, you need to talk to your doctor to see how he feels about it. He may tell you not to use it, and you can ask him for his reasonings behind it. Although you may not be able to completely switch over to Ayurvedic medicine, you could more than likely use a combo of both of them.


To understand how Ayurvedic medicine heals the body, you need to know how this system views the body. Pretty much, it has a lot to do with the Chinese notion of chi. Pretty much everything is made up of four basic things: earth, air, water, and fire. By being able to keep a balance in your life, you are able to stay healthy and happy. A disease in Ayurvedic is viewed as an imbalance of these forces, so fixing a disease is as easy as restoring balance to your body.

Home Remedies

The basic home remedies of Ayurvedic have to do with herbs. Finding the right kinds of herbs to use is, of course, going to be determined by what is wrong with you. Most of the herbs that you would normally use for cooking are used in many different ways in Ayurvedic. As said before, these Ayurvedic home remedies mostly play a role in what you eat. Thus, you will have to change what you are adding to your body. The main goal here is that Ayurvedic thinks that your body is able to take care of itself. All it needs is to be given are the things to do so. That being said, by eating what you need to eat, you can keep your body healthy and happy.


Some doctors will go along with Ayurvedic, and some will not. Your best bet is to not put your whole life on the line with Ayurvedic. You should note, however, that people who live by the way of Ayurvedic get sick less often, meaning that maybe you should choose to live by the way of Ayurvedic until you get sick. Then it is a good idea to go see your doctor. There are some health problems that can come up that you can not fix without having medications. This is the whole reason why medication came about. Either way, there is some truth to what Ayurvedic medicine is trying to say. It's letting you know that you can affect how often you get sick by eating right. Most people do not eat right, and thus, they get sick a lot.

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