Black Eye Home Remedies

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If you are suffering from a black eye and are desperately trying to get rid of it before noticed by colleagues or loved ones, there are some black eye remedies you can use. A black eye develops after someone has been injured. What happens is that underneath the skin, blood vessels are broken and bruising happens, sometimes leading to developing a dark raccoon like circle around the eye area.

They can become embarrassing and they are not always the result of being punched or being in a fight.

Usually a black eye will heal over time and the bruising will go away, but there are some home remedies for a black eye that can aid in the healing process.

The first black eye home remedy is ice. We have been told over and over again to put ice on sprains, bruises, and painful areas to reduce swelling and inflammation. This has been common knowledge for years and works to temporarily decrease the pain and cool the area in suggestion. Ice minimizes the flare up after the eye area has been injured and can reduce the amount of black bruising that become present later on. If your actual eye has been injured please speak to a health care professional.

If you do not have ice at the time for your black eye home remedy then use a bag of vegetables such as frozen peas or carrots. Peas are the best because the individual peas will rest around your eye easier. Make sure you put the bag of frozen food in a cloth so the bag does not stick to the eye area and tug on the skin. This could lead to more pain or bruising if the frozen bag is not protected within a cloth.

Black eyes can happen from the result of a variety of injuries and accidents and can be treated appropriately. Home remedies for black eye usually include products you will find within the household and within minutes. Make sure you buy a bottle of Witch Hazel from your pharmacy or grocery store and keep it in the house for all types of sprains, insect bites, bruises, and injuries. You can apply some Witch Hazel by pouring some on a cloth and covering the closed bruised eye area. Witch Hazel won’t burn your skin, and it is cooling, and soothing to the touch. It is a great healer and will work as a top home remedy for a black eye.

Try soaking a cloth in warm water and placing it on the closed eye. Do not use hot water, only warm, and allow it to comfort the eye and get rid of the pain you are feeling. Warm water reduces redness in the eyes and eye area as the heat minimizes the blood vessels. Try using some vitamin C based cream.

If you can find some cream filled with this healing vitamin at your local pharmacy, then apply little dabs on the surrounding area. Vitamin C has always been a top healer when it comes to skin, health, hair, and other various conditions. All of these home remedies for a black eye will benefit your eye and black bruise in the long run and you should feel better soon, both inside and out.

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