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Crystals are known to be a lot of things. They are known to be pretty, and they are known to be expensive. However, there is one thing that a lot of people do not expect from crystals, and that is to be healing. Healing crystals is a new fad that is swiping the nation. Pretty much, the belief is that crystals posses some kind of healing power in them.

Simply by charging crystals and placing them on different areas of the body, you are able to get some kind of spiritual energy, and thus, healing yourself. It is said that crystals have a direct flow to the power of the body and that crystal healing is made possible from the natural powers of the earth. As you can more than likely guess, there are some people that believe this and some that do not. However, studies have shown that there could be some truth to healing crystals, and that is what we are going to talk about today.


Before we get into that, we need to know what kind of people are most likely to use these crystals. The people that are most likely to turn to this kind of healing method are people who have tried many other things and nothing has worked. A lot of times, people get let down by some modern medications, and thus, they give up on them. When this happens, they have to turn to something else, and that would be crystal healing. Of course, there are other people that believe in crystal healing. These would be the people that already believe that the earth has some kind of healing properties to it.


The kinds of symptoms that healing crystals are suppose to be able to heal are endless. They are suppose to be able to do everything from helping people sleep to curing sore muscles. However,  to make crystals work, you have to be able to charge them, and then put them in the right location. To help you sleep, the crystals should be charged and place under the bed. To cure sore muscles, the crystals should be charged and placed on the sore spot.


When you go to see a doctor, they are very likely not going to tell you to do any kind of crystal healing. This is because many doctors think that this is dangerous. This is because you could have a problem that a medication has to heal. However, some people will stop taking their medications so that they can just use the crystal healing. Doctors say that this could be very dangerous to your health. Most doctors say that you should take your medications and use the crystal healing as a way to “help” out the medication.


There are few doctors that are going to tell you to use a crystal healing plan to heal your body. The only kind of doctor that may do something like this is a psychologist. We are going to get into why that is in just a second. However, do note that some studies have shown that crystal healing can work, however, why is that?

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As we have said a few times now, some studies show that this kind of healing can work. That brings up the big question, how? Most psychologist think that it's a psychological thing. They say that crystals have the same affect on the body as taking a sugar pill. Sometimes people are so sure that medication is not going to help them that they do not let it help them. Other times people can actually get over being sick by believing that something is truly working for them. Thus, a psychologist may tell someone to use crystals to heal themselves to see if the person gets better. If they get better, then the problem that they are having is psychological.


The main thing to remember about crystal healing is that it only works if you believe in it. The true power to crystal healing is having faith that something is going to help you get better. Many doctors say that this is due to the fact that you become less stressed out over your problem. Thus, your body is not stressed out and able to think about healing more.

Crystal healing does not work for everyone. For crystal healing to work, you have to have faith that it will work and heal you. Other times it works just by pure luck. For example, some cases have shown that crystal healing does a good job at healing sore muscles. However, doctors think that this has to do with the way that you go about using the crystal healing. When you charge the crystal (normally by rubbing) it becomes warm. The heat from the stone then starts to loosen up the muscles. Also, when using the crystal healing, you are suppose to be relaxed, thus, you are relaxing the muscles. This is what really heals the sore muscles, not really the crystal.

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