Herbal Cures for Asthma

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Asthma is without a doubt the most common of the respiratory diseases. It is an allergic condition that is brought about by the body reacting to one or in some cases more allergens. These allergens include such things as dust, pollen, perfumes, drugs and other irritants. Dust however, is the most common allergen that triggers asthma worldwide as we are always surrounded by dust sometimes even without noticing it.

Chronic asthma patients suffer from bouts of breathlessness that may mild or life threatening.

The bouts are characterized by difficulties in exhaling than inhaling. This is simply because spasms and involuntary muscular contractions make it difficult for the patient to exhale. For people who have addictions that involve smoking or inhaling and exhaling substances, they may be worsening the situation. Smoking tobacco is just among the habits that can worsen the condition.

 It is unfortunate that the only thing asthmatic patients can do is to put their conditions under control. They should start by dressing appropriately in cold weather conditions and avoid working where allergens are there in plenty.

Though the connection between honey and how it mages to out asthma under control is still unclear, naturopaths and doctors agree that it is effective. It can be used by both adults and children who have asthma to stabilize breathing whenever thee is a bout of breathlessness and the inhaler is miles away. All that is required of the patient is to just put some honey in a jug pure or mixed with water then inhale the scent of honey. It will help the patient to star breathing deeper and easier and eventually the patient will be back to the normal activities if the dat. Fig fruits too seem to have just the same effect that honey has on asthmatic patients. Simply soak three or four dry figs in warm water over night first then use them in the morning. They clear out phlegm and give you a better breathing experience.

Lemon too can be used as an effective herbal cure for asthma. It has the ability to thin out phlegm though it is slower in thinning out than the famous eucalyptus or olive oil option. Simply diet one lemon in a glass of water to make lemon just and drink it alongside your meals.

If both honey and lemon seem not to work, you can try out the Indian gooseberry. It has been used for ages as an effective herbal cure for asthma as does not have any side effect at ll. Mix  just five grams if this herb with one tablespoon of honey then use it as you home remedy herbal solution for asthma. It is a good tonic treatment or asthma and works faster than some conventional medicines that can only introduce you to severe side effects. Bitter gourd can also be used as an effective herbal cure for asthma. The only problem with it is that just s the name suggests, it is actually a bitter option and kids and most of us may be very uncomfortable using it.


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