Home Remedies for Cherry Angiomas

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Cherry Angiomas are cherry red to purple skin tumors, considered to be benign from an unknown cause that usually appear on the torso, usually after the age of 40.

The vascular skin lesions are made up of clusters of dilated capillaries on the surface of the skin. Cherry Angiomas can occur anywhere on the body, but rarely occur on the hands or feet.

When cherry Angiomas first appear they are usually pinhead in size and do not protrude above the surface of the skin. Over time the cherry Angiomas may become as large as ¼ inch across, they may become spongy, dome like or mushroom shaped.

The cherry angioma is normally painless and usually harmless, but many people want them removed for cosmetic reasons. Conventional medical removal generally includes electro-surgery using a needle to remove the angioma, cryotherapy which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the angioma off or laser vaporization to remove the angioma.

Natural Treatments for Cherry Angiomas

Natural treatments and remedies for cherry angiomas are less invasive and consequently less expensive. Frequently skin eruptions are considered in natural treatments to be the result of poor diet, poor digestion or nutritional imbalances.

Changing the diet to include more fruits and vegetables can reduce or prevent cherry angiomas. Avoid junk food, although rich in calories can create a malnutrition state of imbalance that can increase the likelihood of cherry angiomas. Ensure that your levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin A are adequate to promote healthy skin.

Topical applications of sandalwood and basil leaves may reduce the appearance of cherry angiomas.

Bacteria can obstruct skin oil and create cherry angiomas; witch hazel can improve the cleanliness of the skin, reducing bacteria.

Increase the amount of water you consume, to reduce toxins in your system. This may reduce the presence and development of cherry angiomas.

Stress is considered to be a major factor in the presence and development of cherry angiomas. Finding outlets to reduce stress, or new techniques to moderate the effects of stress in your life may help prevent the occurrence of cherry angiomas.

Aging is considered one of leading causes of the development of cherry angiomas which are also called senile angiomas. In people over 70, more than 70% have some cherry angioma development.


Cherry angiomas are usually benign, harmless and painless and do not require treatment or removal except for cosmetic reasons. Stress, bad diet and vitamin deficiencies can increase the likelihood of the presence and development of cherry angiomas. Improving the intact of fruits and vegetables, increasing Vitamin A and D and increasing your water intake can all improve the quality of your skin.

Cutting away angiomas on your own can lead to profuse bleeding, infection and scarring. Removal of cherry angioma can be done by a doctor using electro-surgery, freezing with liquid nitrogen or lasers.

Skin cleaning including witch hazel and sandalwood paste can improve the condition of the skin, reducing bacteria and the development of cherry angiomas. 

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