Home Remedies for Staph Infection

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Staphylococcus is the name of the bacterium that is responsible for staph infection.  The bacteria are always in the environment and are harmless. The only time they are harmful is when they find a break in your skin or when the immune system of your body is too weak to defend your body form infections. That is when the bacteria can get in your body and cause staph infections.

The infection is in moist cases characterized by pus filled boils and itchiness. Where the boil appears, the skin will be a bit raised but will differ slightly from a pustule.  Staph caused boils can be either small or big in size and can be very painful. Fortunately, the infection can be treated from home using one or two home remedies for staph infection that work really well.

But before resorting to any home remedy for staph infection, it is always a wise idea to first prevent it. This can be done in two simple ways. First stay in a clean environment that is pollution free. Then if you can, drink at least a cup of aloe Vera juice every morning. If you are already infected by the bacteria, look for a place with a clean environment and stay there till you feel better or at least till your immune system is strong once again.

Heat is one of the best home remedies for a staph infection.  When using heat, be careful not to apply the hot compress directly on the staph boil. This can aggravate the pain or even make the boil to burst and cause further infection. Just apply the warm compress around the boil only. This will make the blood vessels to expand. It will also facilitate blood circulation around the boil thus making any toxin from that area to be easily flushed out.

Removing the scabs and the boils completely is also one of the bet home remedies for staph infection. To do this simply, mix three spoons off bleach with a cup warm water. Then use cotton wool and dab it in the solution. Rub the solution on the scabs till they become tender and soft. Then get a piece of clean gauze and gently remove the scabs.  Once the scabs are off, the staph boil will have become an open wound. You must therefore treat it well. Soak a piece of cotton wool in an antiseptic and gently clean the boil. Make sure that you remove all the pus from the boil.

Note that the pus coming from the boil is very infectious. You have to drain it with caution and try as much as you can to prevent it from coming in contact with any other part of your body or else you will infect yourself more with staph. If the staph seems to be stubborn and not responding any of the home remedies for a staph infection, then consult your doctor as soon as you can for further treatment.

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