Home Remedies for Sinusitis

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Sinusitis simply refers to over secretion mucus by the membrane that lines the throat and the nose and inflammation of the sinus passage. If you have ever suffered form sinusitis, then you must have been a victim of infections like common cold or influenza.

Medically speaking, sinusitis is not a life threatening condition.

However, just like any other ailment or condition, prompt treatment as soon as one notices the symptoms is highly recommended. The symptoms in most cases include headaches, low grade fever and constant sneezing.  You can also feel pressure around the head particularly in your face around the eye area. Loss of appetite too can be another symptom of a sinus infection. Fortunately there are several home remedies for sinus infection that can be used to treat it.

The best home remedies for sinusitis include the use of pungent foods or spices on regular basis till you feel relieved. While this may sound as gross to some or unbearable, they really work well. Garlic and onions in ones daily diet can go a long way to curing sinusitis. If you can eat them raw, than that would be a plus for you. They are rich in antibacterial properties that can heal sinusitis really first.

If your sinusitis is accompanied by headaches, try to use fenugreek tea. The tea can be easily prepared using fenugreek seeds by boiling the seeds in water and allowing the tea to cool. Consume the tea once it has cooled and you will feel some relief shortly after consuming the tea. It is one of the best home remedies for sinusitis as it causes the body to perspire thus reducing fever bouts and expelling toxins. For best results when using fenugreek tea, consume at least four cups of the tea daily.

Diet too plays a major role when it comes to home remedies for sinusitis. A diet it that is rich in vitamin A and C should be consumed for quick relief. Vitamin A acts as a natural membrane conditioner which comes in really handy when building strong mucus membranes for the nose and throat. Foods that are rich in vitamin are milk. Carrots, tomatoes, leafy veggies and egg york. If you cannot put up with all these or just any of them in your diet, then just make sure that your diet is a low calories, raw fruit and vegetable rich diet taken a long with plenty of water. You can also eat lots of mangoes since they are rich in vitamin A. Apart from forming a healthy epithelium, vitamin A consumption will also help you to reduce and prevent sinus attacks and other common infections associated with it.

 Fresh grated lotus roots, mixed with unbleached white flour and garlic should also be on your list of effective home remedies for sinusitis. Apply the mixture directly on your skin and leave it for several hours during the day and overnight. Do this for a week or two till you feel relieved. This method is effective as it disperses stagnated mucus and keeps it moving. As a result, you will notice watery discharge from your nose or eyes. Then remember to consult your doctor or physician if your condition fails to respond to any of these home remedies for sinusitis.

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