Home Remedy for an Abcessed Tooth

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Many people suffer from all types of tooth problems. From gingivitis and painful abscesses, to tooth decay and loss of enamel, there is a long list of tooth complications we can experience. A tooth abcess is an irritating and down right painful condition in which the gum surrounding the tooth becomes swollen and inflamed.

Usually the tissue around the tooth becomes filled with poisonous pus and can lead to tooth removal. It is almost as if the gum becomes like a blister, but you should not attempt to pop it or infect it with any pin or device.

Your dentist will have to look at your mouth and teeth carefully to identify the problem. Not all tooth abscesses are painful and identified. They can be ‘blind’ and just linger in the mouth for awhile and then begin to grow. A tooth abcess can lead to migraines and headaches, as well as further infection in the mouth and gums and eventual full blown tootheaches.

The best way to prevent an abscess from occurring is to take care of your teeth and practice good oral hygiene. A tooth abscess can be caused by a variety of reasons. You may have hit your mouth, had a lower immune system, or an old filling may have become infected and developed bacteria under the area of the tooth. There are a variety of absessed tooth home remedies so you can prevent any further complications. A tooth abscess has been linked to damaging of the heart and various other complications.

Some tooth abscesses can be linked to serious complications such as heart disease and cancer. A famous home remedy for an abscessed tooth is to use grapefruit seed extract. It is taken widely all over the world for anti-fungal and infectious conditions. This can stop the inflammation and reduce some of the pain and discomfort that a tooth abscess can cause. The infection might not be destroyed and this is why individuals looking for an abscessed tooth home remedy should speak with their dentist.

Propolis liquid can greatly reduce the symptoms of infections, as well as the flu and a common cold. Children can take this liquid as it is gentle on the stomach and liver and there is no alcohol in it.

It is very important to discuss your mouth ulcer and tooth abscess symptoms with your dentist and your doctor before taking any home remedy. Home remedies are not for everyone and can have adverse reactions depending on your individual situation. While these home remedies for tooth abscesses can reduce pain and swelling, they are not a cure for this condition.

Most likely your doctor or dentist will put you on a course of medication to get rid of and destroy the infection. Eat healthy; reduce your sugary food intake, and have regular check ups with your dentist for healthy oral hygiene. The experience of a tooth abscess can make you miss work time, family time, and your regular daily activities.

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