Herbal Cures for Acne

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There is no doubt that we are all familiar with acne. We may have fought with it a number of times when we were still teenagers or could still be fighting with it. It is actually one of the most common skin conditions that can affect just about anyone. It develops when the skin follicle whose main work is to carry dead skin to your skin surface  develop problems and become clogged.

In most cases, acne is inflammatory but it can also be not be inflammatory. It mainly manifest as tiny or sometimes large pimples on the face, back, chest, shoulders and upper arms.

Generally, women are prone to developing acne more than men. This is because of the high hormone factor that women have. In women, acne affects skin areas that have a high number of sebaceous follicles. As one gets to his or her early twenties acne fades off and the skin is restored to its normal tone as the hormone levels balance themselves out and the pores clear. It is only in rare cases where acne becomes chronic and goes on to affect someone in even his or her mid twenties. It is only till then that medical intervention can be sought as the condition could be something else other than acne. But before getting to such details, it is important to note there are so many herbal cures for acne. Some have been proven to work while others have not. It is therefore up to you to exercise caution and only use a home remedy that has been recommended as safe by dermatologist and other health practitioners from around the world.

Aloe vera stands out as the best herbal cure for acne. It is rich in lectins, mannans, polysaccharides and anthraquinones that are extremely useful when it comes to getting rid of acne and restoring the skin. Aloe vera is also good for other conditions like cuts, burns, pimples and sebaceous cysts. For best results when using aloe vera for getting rid of acne, cut it lengthwise and apply the gel that drips off the leaf on your face. This should be de every evening before getting to bed.

Honey is also a good home remedy solution for treating acne. It has the ability to prevent your skin from becoming too oily thus preventing acne breakouts. This is simply because oily skins tend to be the favorite playground for bacteria. When using honey to get rid of acne, mix it with yoghurt then apply the solution daily on your face before going to bed. You can opt for other honey based facial wash if you are not comfortable with the honey yoghurt solution.

A paste made of fenugreek and cucumber can also be used to tart acne. Lemon juice that has been diluted with mint can also be used. But if the lemon solution causes you reaction, try to make it mild or just avoid using it all the same. Lemon and cumber prevent the skin from becoming too lily. They also supply ample probiotics and essential nutrients to the skin.


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