Home Remedies for Beautiful Hands

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Have you recently looked at your hands and thought that they look older? Do they seem dry, or is the skin irritated? There are numerous solutions for dry or cracked hands. You can try medicinal methods, or you can try using a safe and natural home remedy for beautiful hands. Many doctors can prescribe you with medication, although nowadays, you might find that they will give you some home remedy advice before medications, lotions or hand creams.

Hands home remedies are located in your very own home and many people never know of them. Review these home remedies below for beautiful hands and see which one might work for you.

•    Rose water seems to soften hands and provide them with comfort. Drop some rose oil into the sink and mix with mild warm water. Wash your hands in this mixture and allow the rose oil mixture to sooth the skin on your hands.

•    Mix Witch Hazel with warm water and rest your hands in a bowl for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Witch Hazel allows the chance for the muscles to relax in the hands. The more we use our hands in stressful situations, the more damage we cause. Witch Hazel is great for tense muscles, sprains, cuts, general tension, and bruises. It is a natural home remedy for beautiful hands and stress relief.

•    Avoid putting your hands in any chemical based solution. We sometimes get busy with the hustle and bustle in our lives, but always remain cautious of how you are treating your hands. If you are washing dishes, wear gloves. If you are washing the bathroom with bleach or other chemicals, wear gloves and possibly a mask to avoid breathing the toxins in. A pair of gloves can be kept under the sink in the house to be used at all times.

•    Use warm milk for softer, more beautiful hands. Heat up some milk in a bowl and allow your hands to rest in the mixture for 30 minutes or more. Milk and all of its calcium properties not only helps on the inside of our body, but also the outside.

•    If your hands are really stressed or if you have a stressful job, try resting your hands in some Epsom salt enriched water mix. You can even relax all of the bodies muscles in the body by taking a bath in Epsom salts.

•    Jobs that entail a lot of typing can also cause a lot of stress on the hands. For this line of work, take breaks for your hands. Flex them and stretch the fingers. When we type too much, our hands can become cramped and it can become quite painful.

Ask your doctor about more home remedies for beautiful hands, and how you can make them softer and relieve any pain you might have. Notify them about any home remedy treatment you might want to try so you can rule out any allergies.

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