Home Remedies for Body Rashes

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If you are suffering from a body rash there are many natural home remedies for you to try before turning to medicines and over the counter treatments. When experiencing a body rash, it can be irritating, painful, itchy, inflamed and swollen. A body rash is formed when the skin becomes irritated by an allergy, clothing detergent, a scratchy accessory item, and other various conditions.

Anyone from a baby to a senior citizen can develop an uncomfortable rash. A rash can also be the result of a disease, plant, or pet allergy, and really anything we come across in our daily environment.

A body rash can show up on all areas of the human skin and should be looked at by your doctor immediately to rule out any contagious factors. You may feel a burning and itching sensation, but it is a good idea not to scratch at it to prevent scarring. Most rashes are not contagious, but they must be examined to make sure that there are no underlying conditions that have caused it to appear. These itchy annoying bumps can make a person lose focus during work time, avoid fun activities, and life all together. Babies are notorious for getting diaper rash because their skin is so sensitive against those pampers. It is beneficial to know a body rash home remedy to stop it from developing in size, or becoming more inflamed. There are many fabulous natural home remedies for body rash, and some you may already have in your house.

As with any skin irritation, Aloe Vera is a great savoir. It is 100% natural, safe, and effective. People like to keep Aloe plants in their house incase of minor burns, grazes, and scrapes. This can also work for a body rash. Either cut a piece of an Aloe plant, or purchase a bottle of Aloe Vera. Apply it to the rash a few times a day. Allow the rash to breathe by applying the Aloe Vera and wearing loose clothing. Tight clothing will only irritate the rash even more.

Vitamin E oil is also an excellent home remedy for body rash. It fights against the rash and minimizes the irritation. You can always buy the liquid vitamin E supplements. You then take a sanitized needle and pop the end of it. Apply this oil to the body rash at least two times a day. You will feel relief from the body rash in a day or two.

The best home remedies for diaper rash is talcum powder and Olive oil. Use talcum powder separately for comfort and before dressing your baby. When it comes to the Olive oil, rub little drops of it into the body rash a few times a day and let it absorb. This will stop the irritation and inflammation in your baby’s skin. You can also use baking soda and mix it with luke warm water and apply it to the rash area on your baby. These natural remedies will sooth their tender skin.

Just like chicken pox, measles, and other aggravating body bumps and rashes, use oatmeal to calm down the swelling and provide pain relief. Mix a cup and a half of raw oatmeal in a tub full of warm water and sooth a whole body or specific body rash.

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