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Medically known as urticaria, hives is a skin disorder that causes patches and rings all over the body. The condition is caused by a chemical known as histamine which is normally released when you come in contact with an allergen. It therefore goes without saying that notwithstanding the fact that you may not be allergic to anything, you can still develop hives.

It usually comes in different sizes depending on how severe the condition is. The best thing to do is to treat the condition from home as soon as you notice its first symptoms. If left untreated or ignored, one may be forced to be hospitalized for advanced medical treatment.

Hives outbreaks have of late become common due to the increasing allergen incidents in the general population. Bathing in oatmeal or baking soda solutions are the common hives home remedies. But keep in mind that they are only effective in mild cases only. The effectiveness of any home remedy for hives must first be approved or ascertained by your dermatologist. This is simply because in most cases severe hives conditions can be hard to treat with home remedies. In children any home remedy for hives should not be attempted because the results vary greatly form children. Just stay safe and take the child to a dermatologist.

Keep in mind that hives is not a disease but rather a condition or symptoms that occurs due to an allergic reaction to allergens or certain irritants. The allergens and irritants may include environmental factors, foods, cosmetic products like deodorants or lotions and so on. The condition is more common in women than men as they tend to be exposed to some of these allergens more. Any home remedy for hives be it for children or adults should first offer some itching relief. This is simply because hives are normally accompanied by irresistible itchy sensations that pose a high threat of secondary infection that may develop from skin lesions as a result of scratching. The bottom line here is, your preferred or dermatologically approved home remedy for hives should only act as a complimentary treatment or rather technique to facilitate quick recovery and to relieve the common symptoms.

Avoid any allergen that you are sure can cause you hives. Then try out the milk of magnesia home remedy for hives. Milk of magnesia is an alkaline solution and will easily get rid of the itchy sensation. Just take time to dab it on the lesions for quick relief. Dabbing milk of magnesia on the lesions provides some relief.  Use of calamine lotion or warm compresses too can relieve you of the itchiness.

Stress will only worsen the situation further. Therefore, try as much as possible to calm your nerves. This can be achieved but drinking a cup or two or peppermint in a day or before going to bed. Your dermatologist will offer you the most appropriate treatment which may include cortisone drugs. But keep in mind that cortisone drugs are steroidal and may only be used in extremely necessary conditions.

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