The Best Age Spot Removal Home Remedies

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Just as the name suggests, age spots come with age. As you age, you are more likely to develop age spots as your skin is aging too. Though they are referred as liver spots sometimes, age spots have no connection with the liver whatsoever. Younger people may also develop age spots which may make them to appear older. Fortunately, there era several age spot removal home remedies that anyone can use to have that shiny and healthy looking skin.

There are also proven medical procedures that can remove age spots but in most cases, they are expensive and may involve hang to put up with one or two side effects of the medical procedure.

In most cases, age spots develop due to too much exposure to the sun which causes your skin pigments to collect in specific areas of your neck, legs, back, shoulder or in just about any other part of your body that is exposed. That is why age spots are clinically referred to as lentigines. In fewer cases, age spots can be caused by a blood clot under the skin which is a condition that is very common in old age.

When treating age spots avoid the use of beauty creams as much as you can. Most of them only do more harm than good. If you really have to use the creams, then consult your dermatologist and ask for his or her advice about the best creams for age spot removal. Simply stick with the common age spot removal home remedies and all will be well with your skin.

The use of lemon is one of the best age spot removal home remedies. It has no side effect at all and the method of using it is very simple.  Simply use fresh lemon juice on your age spots. Dab cotton ball in the juice then use it to wipe on the age pots. When combined with sugar it gives even better results as it acts a natural toner and cleanser. If you have a sensitive skin, then use mild lemon juice as raw juice can irritate your skin. When that happens, discontinue the use of lemon till your skin is back to normal.

Vitamin A or E capsules can also be used as one of your age spot removal home remedies. Simply break open the capsules and make a paste of the power, then apply the past on your face and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash with cold water and repeat the procedure daily till you notice some change. The vitamins replenish the skin and removes spots, blemishes and acne.  Fresh aloe Vera gel can also be used the same way as it has the same effect and can even replenish your skin naturally.

You can also mash cucumber and potatoes and apply the mixture on the affected areas. The mixture works wonders on age spots and leaves you skin looking much younger and healthier if used for long. Creams that have glycolic and kojik acids may also be uses as age spot removal home remedy.

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