Water Retention Remedies

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Just as the name suggests, water retention is simply a condition where the body retains excess water in the tissues due to a number of reasons. This abnormal fluid or water accumulation in the tissues causes swelling especially in the abdominal areas. Therefore, each time you notice a swelling out of the blues on your feet, hands or legs, the biggest culprit could be water retention.

The condition varies from mild conditions that can be easily treated from home using simple water retention remedies to severe conditions that can only be medically treated

In almost all the mild cases of water retention, the condition will clear up just on its own within a few days. But if the condition stays on for a week, then do not ignore it. Use of diuretics is one of the best yet also the easiest water retention remedies. Diuretics work simply by increasing the volume of urine that your body produces. This may seem as counterintuitive but water is indeed a natural diuretic with no side effects whatsoever. Each time you drink a glass or two of water, your blood pressure is temporarily increased and your vasopressin hormone level decrease. These two affect the level of water in your body and causes your kidneys to filter more fluids from the bloodstream into the urine. For best results just drink six to eight water cups daily. That will be enough to decrease water retention.

Cranberry juice is one of the best water retention remedies. It works in two ways for the benefit of the kidney. First, it is a natural diuretic, then secondly, it is a natural cure for several kidney problems. Fennel, yarrow dandelion, chamomile, burdock and such herbs or teas made from them can also be used as water retention remedies. But keep in mind that if water retention is caused by leaky blood vessels, then these herbs or their teas may be infective. Find out from your doctor what could be causing your water retention before using any of these herbs. Avoid dandelion if you are allergic to chamomile or ragweed.

Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy balanced diet can save you the inconvenience of going through all these water retention remedies. Working out is not just effective for water retention but also for your general wellbeing. It helps to get rid of water retention by strengthening the circulatory system. Massaging the swollen areas too can facilitate adequate blood circulation and get rid of water retention. 

Keep in mind that too much salt causes bloating. You must therefore reduce the amount of salt that you consume. Avoid processed foods as most of them are rich in sodium and may only worsen your condition. Then each time you relax always keep your feet at elevated positions so as to encourage the fluids to drain back to the blood stream. Keep off temperature extremes as too much heat or cold may encourage edema. Wear comfortable shoes and watch what you eat and water retention will be a thing of the past. But if the condition is stubborn and worsens, then consult your doctor for advanced medical treatment.

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