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Bacterial vaginosis, or BV, will usually clear up by itself and does not need any type of antibiotics, but some women look for home remedies for BV to help get rid of the symptoms and heal faster. There are plenty of over the counter products that will help clear up to symptoms but there are some home remedies as well.

BV is often recurrent in women and some find it a struggle to keep if from coming back.

The usual cause of BV is the use of antibiotics. The antibiotics cause an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria that is needed to keep things in balance. It is unfortunate that many women feel that antibiotics are the only way to get rid of the illness because they are usually contributing to the problem. Surprisingly you can treat BV with items and products that you have around the house.

Home remedies for BV include vitamins and supplements that help maintain a balanced flora in the vaginal area. One such supplement is femanol. Femanol is a popular BV dietary supplement that has gained popularity because it helps rid the area of foul odors. Other home remedies for BV are ingredients such as acidophilus, garlic, vitamin B6, zinc, and enema bark extract.

Other vaginal infections can mimic BV so you need to know which condition you have before you attempt treatment. If you are unsure you should probably consult your doctor before beginning treatment. Some over the counter creams such as ampicillin or ceftriaxone are often used to apply to the area.

Tea tree oil, garlic juice, olive leaf extract, and goldenseal are great home remedies for BV. Because these treatments are all natural they are the ones that are most desired. Because they are all natural they do not have adverse side effects that come along with prescription drugs.

Changes in diet and lifestyle are also great home remedies for BV. Eating healthy foods such as yogurt with active cultures and health grains can help prevent the condition. Getting plenty of exercise can also be a big help in preventing the condition. While experiencing symptoms you should refrain from sexual activity since this can aggravate the condition and make it more uncomfortable.

A daily douche can be a great home remedy for BV. The use of apple cider vinegar is a great natural douche that can be used on a daily basis. Simple mix three to four tablespoons of the vinegar in warm water and use as a cleansing douche. This will provide instant relief and will help keep the area clean and promote healing.

Taking plenty of daily vitamins will help keep BV at bay. Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E are all great choices and will help women get rid of BV. Applying a vitamin E cream will give relief from the symptoms, especially the itching, and help promote healing.

Always use hypoallergenic soaps when bathing. Dove is a good example of a soap that does not contain irritating perfumes and chemicals. Dial has also been shown to help. Anything that will help regulate the ph balance in the vaginal area is a great home remedy for BV.

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