Home Remedies for PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

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PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) occurs in approximately 60% to 70% of all women around the world. The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome can begin within one to two weeks before the actual menstruation occurs. The symptoms are known as gas, cramping of the stomach and abdomen, bloating in the abdomen, break outs of the skin, rashes, nervousness, anxiety, soreness in the breasts, mood imbalances and inflammation and swelling around the body.

It can be a very uncomfortable time for women and the mood imbalances may cause some stresses with loved ones, or friends. Women understand the effects and symptoms and have an easy time understanding mood swings, or the pain.

When menstruation occurs the hormones become imbalanced. The amount of estrogen increases quite dramatically and the progesterone levels become imbalanced. Premenstrual syndrome is when the body and mind cannot cope with all this chaos within the hormones. Scientists and doctors still do not have the exact reason why premenstrual syndrome occurs in women around the world. A small percentage of women cannot function within the premenstrual time period. They find it so stressful and become anxious on all levels. It interferes with their communication with family and friends, and can prevent them from enjoying regular day activities and errands.

There are many herbal remedies out there in herbal shops, health stores and pharmacies that can aid in the recovery from premenstrual side effects. Herbal remedies can help balance the hormones so that mood swings do not occur as often, or at all. A healthy food program is always used along with these herbal remedies as they go hand in hand.

Exercise should also be a factor in a woman’s daily lifestyle and it can relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome to a large degree. This is because the woman is getting rid of any out side anxieties or stress, therefore, bringing relief and a calming effect afterwards. Herbs can return the body back to its natural hormone levels and the person will be able to attend to their daily activities and lifestyle. Herbal remedies and mineral supplements rarely have any side effects unless a person is allergic to the herb itself. They work as an all natural solution to a problematic and uncomfortable situation.

Here are some home remedies and supplements for premenstrual syndrome:

•    Sage, Lavender and Geranium oils can relieve the body of PMS symptoms. An individual can rub it on their abdomen, put some oil in a warm bath, or inhale the remedy.
•    Magnesium has been known to provide a calming effect and it can also relax tension in the body and help an individual to have a restless and peaceful sleep.
•    Vitamin B can reduce bloating, water retention that causes pain and distention of the stomach and abdomen, and it also increases the circulation of blood within the body.
•    Calcium can alleviate the effects of all premenstrual symptoms and women should be taking it daily in some shape or form for general health.
•    Black cohosh can be used to stop water build up and bloating, and relieve pain in the abdomen. It can also help balance the mood.
•    Cramp bark can assist in relieving pain, spasms, and muscle tension in the body, specifically the abdomen. Add 30 to 60 drops in a glass of warm water and drink. Please note: This should not be taken by people with diseases such as heart or cardiovascular.
•    Use dandelion herbs which are full of iron and vitamin A. This can relieve breast tenderness, cramps, bloating, inflammation and even anemia. It rids the body of excess water because it works as a diuretic.
•    Vitamin E can be taken for tenderness of the breasts.

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