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 I am sorry if I bother you but I just do not no what to do. About 3 weeks ago I had blader surgrey and they went up my penis ever since then my penis has been hurting Please help me if you can Thank You (1) - 06 Feb 2012
Complications associated with penis pain depend
 is there a way to get rid of a stye on my lower eye lid (1) - 23 Jan 2012
Most styes will drain and resolve
 i dont know what to do. i feel vcery sick and i cant even drink water without wanting to throw up! i havent thrown up yet because im trying to avoid it. i have like pain and i think its stomach flu but i cant eat anything without wanting to puke? heelpp?? (1) - 23 Jan 2012
Please do not ignore such symptoms.
 my blood pressure is 145 / 72 I take lisinopril 10 mg daily should i go to the hospital I have a doctors appointment tommorow at 3pm (1) - 23 Jan 2012
If you have any medical condition
 My Gums are bleeding nonstop,what should I use to stop this from hsppening? (1) - 22 Jan 2012
Bleeding gums is a common problem
 no female orgasm (1) - 22 Jan 2012
Simply put you are suffering from
 i am allergic to fish what should do without going to the doctor (1) - 21 Jan 2012
A seafood allergy is a condition
 pulmonary hypertention (1) - 20 Jan 2012
Pulmonary hypertension is not curable and
 have snail or slugs ever been used as a skin remedy? (1) - 20 Jan 2012
Please note that there are so
 My son was 2 in July last year, and ever since giving birth i and other members of my family have found that my temper is much shorter than before, I am normally a chilled out and realy didnt let things get to me, could this be a hormone imbalance? Lisa (1) - 20 Jan 2012
Yes it could actually be hormonal
 burning pain in wrist (1) - 19 Jan 2012
Apart from injuries Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 treatment for glandular fever (1) - 18 Jan 2012
There are several natural remedies that
 Baby nappy rash (1) - 17 Jan 2012
Diaper rash can be an issue
 ibs remedies (1) - 17 Jan 2012
Take peppermint oil in enteric coated
 my upper eye lid is swallen what can i do to treat this/ (1) - 15 Jan 2012
Swollen upper eyelids are a sign
 how can i cure a yeast infection (1) - 14 Jan 2012
Take a tampon and dip it
 When u sweat in the middle of your breast ? (1) - 13 Jan 2012
Forget stuffing your bra with tissues
 What can I do for severe heart burn? (1) - 13 Jan 2012
While chewing gum and vinegar are
 Iam 43 years old Male worried with my fat stomach I tried walking for 30 minutes every day and have a clean diet system but only worry is i do drink every day. how to reduce the tummy and be fit? (1) - 12 Jan 2012
Evaluate your eating habits and select
 I have severe nerve damage in my spine. It starts at neck all the way down. What can I use home remedy wise?? Have gone to several docs and no relief of pain. I vomit on chiropractors. (1) - 12 Jan 2012
There are several simple home remedies
 what is a good remedy for fluid in your ear (1) - 11 Jan 2012
The easiest way to remove fluid
 after having a hysterectomy and ovaries removed 17 years ago my wife as been tired,no energy,depresed, and much more is there anything she can do or take to alleviate these symptoms (she is 62 (1) - 11 Jan 2012
Most of the hysterectomy side effects
 Is there a home remedy for leg cramps? (1) - 10 Jan 2012
Drinking plenty of fluids and oral
 child who is 5 still wets bed at night. Is there a natural solution for problem? (1) - 10 Jan 2012
There are home remedies to help
 My hair is falling out in separate places and I have tried medication and it has proven to be futile. I belive it's fungus. What are some of the home remedies I can use to restore my hair? (1) - 09 Jan 2012
While scalp fungus cannot be completely
 is there something i can take to ease the pain for gout during an attack other then diet ? (1) - 09 Jan 2012
Faithfully taking any medications prescribed by
 i gave her vipro plus 3 weeks ago and she was getting well but then got worse since i run out the vipro for a week. i started giving her the vipro again last week. what should i give to reduce the nerve pain? she is paralysed now. (1) - 09 Jan 2012
Please do not try to handle
 What do I need for osteoporosis treatment naturally. Vitamins, minerals,exercises to build bone density back up. (1) - 08 Jan 2012
If Osteoporosis is not prevented in
 how to makd a homade coffee enema (1) - 08 Jan 2012
Grind 2 to 4 coffee tablespoons.Boil
 Dry mouth cure (1) - 07 Jan 2012
Look for the source of the
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