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 How to take air out of your ear (1) - 19 Jun 2011
Air in the ear can be
Well it depends with the type
 I tried to donate my plasma but was told that I had too much protein in my urine. I took their test 3 times, 30+100+100+ were the results. They use a urine strip. I'm not doing anything about this yet. Should I be worried? (1) - 19 Jun 2011
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 I am dizzy just about everyday, for the past three years.I have tried everything under the sun and been to every doctor around and nothing has helped me. i cant even drive at night because of a tunnel vision feeling. Please help. Any suggestions? (1) - 18 Jun 2011
There are three perfect home remedy
 a home remendy for fungus toenails (1) - 18 Jun 2011
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 Constipation in babies - treatments (1) - 18 Jun 2011
Babies and infants can suffer from
 chest muscle pull (1) - 17 Jun 2011
Unfortunately there is no quick cure
 are there any natural aids for copd (1) - 17 Jun 2011
Yes there are natural remedies that
 face smashed into the side of a pool. I hurt my lip. It hurt like really really bad. The lip doesn't hurt anymore. But it has a bruise/cut and its swelling a lot, but it has gone down a bit. Any fast ways I can fix it? (1) - 17 Jun 2011
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 What is the ingredients to prepare my own ice pack (1) - 16 Jun 2011
Preparing your own ice pack is
 I've been having non stop itchiness in my vagins for years I've gone to doctors and they did tests but found no infection at all. It gets worse every day please help me! (1) - 16 Jun 2011
The problem is likely to be
 What is wrong if your vagina is have a bad smell? But you have a good health. (1) - 16 Jun 2011
Well there has to be a
 What is a good remedy for cracked heels? (1) - 15 Jun 2011
Cracked heels imply that you are
 i have a friend that has kidney problems & i would like to know what you recomend to strengthen, clean her kidney's so that she can get off of or lower her medication God willing. Please advise. Thanks (1) - 15 Jun 2011
Kidneys are among the few organs
Increasing your breast milk is very
 What can I do to get rid of a cold sore on my lip? (1) - 14 Jun 2011
Cold sore on the lips can
 What can I use for longer and more eyelashes. I'm 60. At age 50 they were fine. (1) - 14 Jun 2011
There are extensions and eyelashes transplants
 urine retention (1) - 13 Jun 2011
Anyone can experience urine retention but
 i am having fluid removed from my artritic knee as well as a cortisone injection,very painful. Can I take Hydrocodone/APAP/ 5 mg/325 mg that I already have to ease the pain from the procedure? If not, what? Thank you. (1) - 13 Jun 2011
You can continue using this medication
 mood swings and very irritable, short tempered. Im 43 and have been this way for 20 years (1) - 12 Jun 2011
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 what is the best remedy for vitiligo? (1) - 12 Jun 2011
Well there are a number of
 My endocrinologist told me that my ovary function was normal but my androgen levels were high. So, if my ovary function is normal wouldn't that mean that the elevated androgen levels are coming from my adrenals? (1) - 12 Jun 2011
You simply have a hormonal imbalance
 i have a terrible stomach pain (1) - 12 Jun 2011
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 MY neice is 24 years old. she looks healthy but she is not having bust line, going for any medical treatment fears us pls advise. (1) - 12 Jun 2011
You should not be scared of
 please, send me natural treatment for cataract lcluding supplements and eyedrops (1) - 11 Jun 2011
Thanks for contacting us for a
 while bending or leaning with my knees bent to the full and then standing up , I feel severe pain and it becomes very difficult to sit and stand up. Kindly advise.. (1) - 11 Jun 2011
Knee pains are very common in
 What's a home remedy for constipation (1) - 10 Jun 2011
There are various causes or constipation.
 how to make whitish,shinny and beautiful hands at home? (1) - 10 Jun 2011
You can easily make a quick
 whats the best thing for pms cramps (1) - 10 Jun 2011
You are not alone when it
 What does coconut oil help? (1) - 09 Jun 2011
There are so many benefits of
 What is a home remedy i could use to lighten my under arms? (1) - 09 Jun 2011
Dark underarms are a result of
 I had a pimple on my chin and I scratched it... Before, scratching was not a problem but now I have this horrible thing on my chin up to the bottom of my lip it looks like I scraped myself on concrete I've been washing it and putting savila on it but it's seems to be getting worse! It's embarrassing! What should I do? How long will it take to get better? Thank you! (1) - 08 Jun 2011
Applying saliva on the scar or
 what is the treatment for pin worms infestation of an adult (1) - 08 Jun 2011
Pin worms can be a menace
 what would cause my eyes to burn? (1) - 08 Jun 2011
There are several causes for eye
 i keep getting water on my ear what the best way to get rid of it without going to the doctoor (1) - 07 Jun 2011
Well there are several ways of
 cure from a nat bite on the eye lid (1) - 07 Jun 2011
The best treatment for insect bites
 Have bad back pain can't stand help (1) - 07 Jun 2011
It is normal to experience back
You are not alone when to
 how to rid fungal infection of the scalp back of the head mainly (1) - 06 Jun 2011
The best way to get rid
 what is the best for regrowth hair ? (1) - 06 Jun 2011
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 Hello doctor, my right testics under the penis hangs lower than left one. Is that cuase any serious problem for me. I am going to married in next few months. How to cause this problem?. detailed answer for me. (1) - 06 Jun 2011
There is nothing abnormal with one
 post-nasal drain w/white build-up on my tongue that is really hard to brush off. (1) - 05 Jun 2011
Dairy products alcohol smoking marijuana cold
 REMEDIES FOR RASH (1) - 05 Jun 2011
Thanks for contacting us for a
 How do I remove nail glue from the skin (1) - 05 Jun 2011
The process of removing nail glue
 what is roes hip (1) - 04 Jun 2011
I presume you mean rose hip.
 what remedies for swollen feet (1) - 04 Jun 2011
Swollen feet can be brought about
 help for Urinary Track Infection (1) - 04 Jun 2011
Urinary tract infection treatments are usually
 "Multiple large bilateral renal cysts" what would be the cure? (1) - 04 Jun 2011
Do not fret too much as
 what's good for piosion ivy on the balls? (1) - 04 Jun 2011
Generally ivy poison is not a
 tinninitis, (1) - 03 Jun 2011
Simply put tinnitus is a ringing
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