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 I'm looking for a detox/body purification recipe (1) - 06 Jan 2012
This fruit is not only a
 i get sharp sansations on my tommy area like pins and needles that come and go but sometimes go away for weeks (1) - 06 Jan 2012
Abdominal pains which are severe and
 What can I take for hair loss due to hypothyroid? I have been taking Armour, 1 grain for about 1 year or more. (1) - 06 Jan 2012
There are vitamins minerals and herbs
 I's there a way to counteract a sudden increase in stress hormones without eating a lot of carbohydrates? (1) - 06 Jan 2012
In some more intense cases an
 i want tips for hair loss and hair growth pl suggest me and now i am using vatika shampoo (1) - 06 Jan 2012
Preventing hair loss is actually the
 Good day! I have a 2 year old daughter who had a UTI...I would like to ask if there's a natural remedy for the UTI? (1) - 05 Jan 2012
Showers are recommended until the condition
 i have an infected soar on the right side of my tongue. can i rinse my mouth with a diluted solution of peroxide or scrub the soar with a toothbrush. i may have accidentally splashed bathroom chemicals in my mouth or kissed some girl on new years eve. (1) - 05 Jan 2012
You should take simple remedies for
 Will obesity cause sists on ovaries? (1) - 04 Jan 2012
Ovarian Cysts are products of failed
 i am 33 i brestfeed my newborn equaly from each brest but one is now larger then the other and seems to produce more milk. This is my sixth brestfed child and this has never happened before is there anything i can do to balance things out (1) - 03 Jan 2012
Breast problems after breastfeeding are common
 I was told that you can treat a planters wart by soaking and removing the dead tissue. Then using a clear nail polish over the area to smother it. But that it would take a while to see results. Same as the over the counter treatments. Is this true? (1) - 03 Jan 2012
That process can be painful but
 What's a remedy for pre period depression, crying etc? (1) - 03 Jan 2012
A woman going through PMS usually
 I have a rash on my body, on the hot spots. What can I take? or use? Are there any home remedies I can take? Do I need to take antibiotics? (1) - 02 Jan 2012
At the best of times genital
 my mom is suffering from elephantsis please help me. (1) - 02 Jan 2012
Clove is best and very effective
 My daughter and I both have severe menstrual cramps. We also both have this strange, painful, dull bad cramp that runs down our left leg, sometimes both. What causes the strange leg cramps? (1) - 01 Jan 2012
Leg cramps during menstruation are pains
 I have a sore on my lip that won't heal. Tried natural oils, vaseline, dry's out over nite and then breaks open again. been 2mos. help (1) - 31 Dec 2011
Mouth and lip sores are stubborn
 What is OK to eat when you have diarrhea? (1) - 30 Dec 2011
Until the diarrhea stops it is
 i am 5 months pregnant with what started out as ear drainage turned into eye and sinus mucus. what do i do? (1) - 30 Dec 2011
Any infection including ear infection during
 I have male pattern baldness. I've been using Minoxidil for years but lately it seems like it isn't working very well. Are there any other options? (1) - 30 Dec 2011
Male pattern baldness is also termed
 home remedy for black pathes in nose and cheeks after pregnacy. also tell about white dots comes on nails by which reason? (1) - 29 Dec 2011
The brownish or yellowish patches are
 home remedy for leucoria problem. (1) - 29 Dec 2011
Leucorrhoea commonly known as whites refers
 remedy for chest infection for a heart patient (1) - 29 Dec 2011
Please note that heart issues are
 if one year old boy swallowed vape matt mosquitto medicine what can i do (1) - 28 Dec 2011
Call a doctor. The usual class
 how doI treat intense skin itching? (1) - 28 Dec 2011
You must first find what is
 i have been having re-accurances of yeast infection and i have used creams and antibiotics what do i do (1) - 26 Dec 2011
Garlic should be your ultimate home
 How to clean your ears out (1) - 26 Dec 2011
Purchase a self use ear cleaner
 You have a remedy for scabies that involves tea tree oil and witch hazel, how often and how long are you suppose to apply this to your skin? (1) - 24 Dec 2011
Mix 10 ml or tea tree
 whats the best way to help an upset stomach (1) - 24 Dec 2011
If you know what is causing
 I have a rash on my arms, back and chest with brown crust in it and im kindof losing weight. Can you tell me is im african american too. (1) - 23 Dec 2011
Outbreaks of this sort are usually
 Can magesium be taken orally with heart medications for atrial fibrillation. Also, is vinegar c honey a true blood thinner. Many thanks (1) - 21 Dec 2011
Please note that for any cardiovascular
 I've had acute laryingitis for 8 weeks now. I have tried numerous methods including complete voice rest for 5 days and need to find another approach to getting my voice back. Can you recommend something? (1) - 21 Dec 2011
The actual home treatment for laryngitis
 my 7yr. Old son has been complaining of his chest hurting (1) - 20 Dec 2011
Chest pains in children are common
 Feces seeps out without warning at any given time for no foreseen reason. Why does this happen? (1) - 19 Dec 2011
The condition is referred to as
 What is the best way natural for depression medication (1) - 19 Dec 2011
St. Johns wort is perhaps the
 I need something to make hair grow back fast (1) - 19 Dec 2011
Stress poor dietary intake and certain
 Why r my lips turning black. Is ther anything I can use to bring color back. (1) - 19 Dec 2011
There are a number of reasons
 home remedy for soar scratchy throat (1) - 18 Dec 2011
While a sore scratchy throat maybe
 I am having high uric high cholestrol fatty liver low vitamin d (1) - 18 Dec 2011
High levels of uric acid in
 Need to know there a good reliable home remedy for a spider bite? Something I can put on it to make it get better? (1) - 17 Dec 2011
Venom of most spiders causes an
 naturally my complexion is fair but in winter it gets darker n darker i want some home remedy for the maintenance of my fair color specially for feet and hands (1) - 16 Dec 2011
Apply the following treatment on your
 sun letigen (dark brown pigmentation only on one cheek) and freckles.Home remedy please! (1) - 15 Dec 2011
Dark spots and patches on the
 I just do not understand what is going on with me but I am haveing urine problems. I am driping urine a little and I cannot seem to empty my bladder Can you please help me? (1) - 14 Dec 2011
You are suffering from urinary incontinence
 how can i get rid of facial and body blemishes? (1) - 14 Dec 2011
Unlike what many people think it
 Why does my penis burn when I urineate? (1) - 13 Dec 2011
Regrettably you have either a bladder
 how to regular irregular periods ? (1) - 12 Dec 2011
When you are looking to find
 Jalapeno juice burn (1) - 11 Dec 2011
Taking the sting out of a
 i have eczema so when i use cream advantan it make achne on my face. What should i do? (1) - 11 Dec 2011
If your eczema has persisted for
 How do you get you're baby's hair texture back once it has been stripped from grown ups shampoo (1) - 10 Dec 2011
If the hair of your baby
 what is best to get rid of red blemishes? (1) - 09 Dec 2011
Boil 1 cup of water. Add
 what is the best heart beat disorder (1) - 09 Dec 2011
Medically termed as cardiac dysrhythmia or
 What can I do when I wake up with my hands tingling and hurting because they've fallen asleep? (1) - 08 Dec 2011
Numbness in the hands is a
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