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 i have got dark lips....means ends of my lips are mch dark...wot 2 do?? (1) - 24 Oct 2011
Smoking is one of the major
 I was stung by a stingray while surfing off the California coast. What remedies do I need to use. I only want HOMEOPATHIC, no drugs at all! (1) - 23 Oct 2011
Much of the damage from a
 the bone on my wrist that leads up to the thumb is tender, and it hurts when I use the thumb in different ways. (1) - 22 Oct 2011
You may have picked an injury
 A home remedy for protein in my urine (1) - 21 Oct 2011
Proteinuria occurs when the kidneys can
 can i workout with a yeast infection? (1) - 21 Oct 2011
Yes you can work out with
 i am 16 yrs old and i am 5 foot 3 inch but my weight is not gaining. i am only 4o kg so what to do to gain my weight? (1) - 20 Oct 2011
It is likely they do not
 My left thigh and lower back have been either numb or in pain for over two weeks. What's happening? (1) - 19 Oct 2011
Numbness and pains in the areas
 how can u prevent cacer in dogs (1) - 19 Oct 2011
Talk to your veterinarian about when
 high blood pressure (1) - 19 Oct 2011
Hawthorn supplements or extracts can be
 What I do to control on chickenpox (1) - 19 Oct 2011
There is no specific treatment for
 head lice treatment (1) - 18 Oct 2011
A few drops of lavender essential
 How to drain spider bite (1) - 18 Oct 2011
If you have been bitten by
 18 yr.old dachshund has ear infection (1) - 18 Oct 2011
A warm bag of salt can
 i have a sty on my bottom eye lid. how do i get rid of it? (1) - 17 Oct 2011
Your body can get rid of
 how do I get my sex drive back (1) - 16 Oct 2011
Besides dietary changes that you can
 Difficult sometimes painful urination, loss of bladder and bowl control (1) - 16 Oct 2011
You most likely have a urinary
 What can I use to clean my system of drugsor other toxins for a drugtest (1) - 15 Oct 2011
Drink lots of water at least
 how to cure epilipsey (1) - 15 Oct 2011
Unfortunately there is no cure for
 my 11 year old going into middle school has a fear about las t period that we will not be there to pick him up. he does not want to go to school in morning. please help be there to pick him up. (1) - 14 Oct 2011
From the age of around eight
 home remedie for bladder infection/urinary tract infectiong (1) - 14 Oct 2011
Start by adjusting you diet. Increase
 What to use to relieve itch of fire ant bites (1) - 14 Oct 2011
Immediately you are stung by any
 how can i get rid of yellow teeth (1) - 14 Oct 2011
Of all the home remedies for
 I have lots of pus pimples on my face and old dark marks on my cheeks, which home remedy should i use to clear my face completely? I use sandal wood but no change (1) - 14 Oct 2011
You should first check on the
 Dear Sir/Madam, Can you kindly suggest some books that I should read about health and nutrition in order to lose weight? Sincerely hoping to hear from you soon I thank you in advance. Regards. Paul Fava Malta (1) - 13 Oct 2011
It is not what you red
 sore and large bump on throat after being strangled (1) - 12 Oct 2011
Relaxation in many forms from alcohol
 how to get rid of split ends of hair (1) - 11 Oct 2011
Medically known as trichoptilosis split ends
 I recently got off my acne treatment using: minocycline, clindamycin and retin-A. I wash my face twice a day using a face wash with no acne medication like salicylic acid. And I started breaking out again. What do I do? (1) - 11 Oct 2011
It could be that you are
 I'm trying to find something that helps the liver function better. Can you help me (1) - 11 Oct 2011
If you are healthy you do
 what is lobular uterus? (1) - 11 Oct 2011
Simply put is uterine thickening that
 How to lower bad colestrol (1) - 11 Oct 2011
Vitamins B6 choline and inositol are
 my age is 22 (female ) i have a white discharge on my panty almost thrice a day.what is it .is it normal ? it smells bad too. what can i do ?not to have it,,, (1) - 11 Oct 2011
It could be a yeast infection
 what is Erostol? Is it used in the treatment of siatica? What treatment if any does a chiropractor offfer someone suffering from siatica? (1) - 10 Oct 2011
Since sciatica is caused by a
 how do u get rid of a staph infection at home when u cant get to the doctors (1) - 09 Oct 2011
Heat is one of the best
 Am 24 yrs old. I've not grown beard and mustache(this is not a genetic problem). I do get hairs on my upper lip area, chin and cheeks but the hairs are not denser enough to be seen. They are light and grow very slowly.Can you suggest me any solution? (1) - 09 Oct 2011
Use a mixture of lime juice
 Home remedies for Genital warts. Any treatment of Genital Warts. (1) - 08 Oct 2011
Genital wart is a sexually transmitted
 Suggest any stool softner (1) - 08 Oct 2011
Dulcolax is one of the best
 What is the home remedy for a urinary tract or bladder infection? (1) - 08 Oct 2011
Start by adjusting you diet. Increase
 what home treatment is used for nail fungus infections? (1) - 07 Oct 2011
Thank you for contacting Home Remedy
 Okay, so, I have this wart on my hand in the middle of my middle finger (palm side up) and I've looked all over on the internet for remidies, alternatives ect. but all I can find is genital warts. Any solutions? (1) - 07 Oct 2011
Simply put warts are skin growths
 My skin has dark spot. Please suggest for smooth and without dark spot clear skin (1) - 07 Oct 2011
You should first check on the
 I have had a red sore tongue and Certain foods make it hurt or burn worse at times. I also have redness on the corners of my mouth. They are cracked and painful. I also get a cyst in my throat so that it hurts when I swallow (1) - 06 Oct 2011
Your condition is likely to be
 Scabies (1) - 06 Oct 2011
Most scabies natural cures comprise of
 how to avoid temple hair loss and make the new hair grow again,thereby reducing hair line..?? (1) - 06 Oct 2011
Start by asking your doctor to
 I have memory & mental weakness what should I do I am 32 right now. Thanks (1) - 06 Oct 2011
Lack of concentration is the main
 Numbness and tingling sensation in hand fingers and feet (1) - 06 Oct 2011
Numbness and tingling sensations in the
 Is there a home remedy for a hernia? (1) - 05 Oct 2011
Unfortunately there is no home remedy
 can stress effect your period even if you on the pill? (1) - 05 Oct 2011
Yes it can. Stress is one
 i m 25 years old.i want to get rid of endometriosis and want to get pregnent.please help me. tell me home remedies to get rid of endometriosis. (1) - 05 Oct 2011
Even with endometriosis you can still
 some major tips for stop pimples (1) - 05 Oct 2011
Apply lemon or orange peel pounded
 Is there something that will get rid of stretch marks? (1) - 04 Oct 2011
Vitamin A and E capsules are
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