Removing Whiteheads

  I would like a suggestion for a home remedy for white head on the face. 

Posted By: Anonymous on Aug 04, 2011
 Whiteheads are caused by clogged pores. You have to wash you face well daily to avoid whiteheads. They may also be caused by facial cleaners that build up on your face each time you fail to wash them off well. It could also be that you are not exfoliating enough. Use an exfoliating cleanser every 1-2 times every 2 weeks. It will help you unclog your pores and leave you with baby soft skin. One of the best methods of removing white heads is through steaming. Simply steam your face really well over a bowl of hot water. Then get some comedone remover for your face. Alternatively, you can boil some water, wait for it to cool down and then pour it over a clean wash cloth. Press the wash cloth on the whiteheads thoroughly. This will lessen the white heads and make it easy for them to be extracted by a blackhead extractor, which can also be used to remove whiteheads as well. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 14 Aug 2011 
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