Gallstone Removal

  home remedies for gallstone 

Posted By: Anonymous on Aug 11, 2011
 There are several home remedy solutions for gall stones. For best results and quick recovery, it is advisable to stick with one form of treatment first before shifting to another. One of the best and the easiest home remedy solutions for gall stones is the use of lemon. Simply take four tablespoons of lemon on an empty stomach for seven consecutive days. Then remember to drink a lot of water to assist in flushing out the stones. Another perfect home remedy is the use of olive oil. Take 30 ml of unrefined olive or sunflower oils first thing in the morning. Then drink 120ml of lemon or grapefruit juice immediately after taking the oils. Drink this mixture for several days till you notice the green stones as part of your bowel discharge. The pear fruit is yet another simple home remedy. Eat lots of pears each day till you feel better. It often and cleanses the gall bladder effortlessly. One good thing with the pear treatment is that you can always eat the fruits even if you are under another form of treatment. 
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