Herbal Remedy for Insomnia


Posted By: Anonymous on Sep 05, 2011
 One of the best home remedies for insomnia is honey. It has a hypnotic action and induces sound sleep. Take it daily with water in doses of two teaspoons before going to sleep. Rauwolfia too is another perfect home remedy for treating insomnia as is it a strong sedative. For best results, take 0.25 gm. of rauwolfia root powder twice a day in morning and before going to bed. You can take it with a scented substance like cardamom as the scent of the herb is not pleasant. Taking plenty curd and a gentle head massage can also induce sleep. Milk too can be used to cure insomnia. You can either massage milk over the soles for your feet or sweeten it with honey and drink it before going to sleep. Milk is effective as it acts as tonic and a tranquilizer. Then remember that observing a regular daily schedule with definite sleeping patterns is essential when dealing with insomnia. Once your body gets accustomed to regular sleeping patterns, insomnia will with time disappear. Take a walk daily in the evening then before going to bed, have a hot shower. The hot shower will relax the body while walking will aid in digestion, induce fatigue and necessitate rest. Avoid low salt diets, white flour products and too much sugar. You should also try to relax and avoid stress. Watch a comedy or keep yourself busy with friends and family or your hobby. 
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