Herbal Remedy for Sour Tongue

  I have had a red sore tongue and Certain foods make it hurt or burn worse at times. I also have redness on the corners of my mouth. They are cracked and painful. I also get a cyst in my throat so that it hurts when I swallow 

Posted By: Anonymous on Oct 06, 2011
 Your condition is likely to be erythematous candidiasis. Indeed it can be very uncomfortable and painful. Erythematous candidiasis frequently follows treatment with antibiotics, but can also occur in malnourished, debilitated or immunocompromised individuals. It can be treated with oral antifungal medication. The best thing in your case would be to consult your doctor as you to have two problems in in your mouth that can be challenging to treat with home remedies. Till then, keep off foods and drinks that worsen the irritation and cause you more pain. Keep off hot foods and acidic drinks and brush your teeth gently. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 10 Oct 2011 
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