Protein in Urine Causes

  A home remedy for protein in my urine 

Posted By: Anonymous on Oct 21, 2011
 Proteinuria occurs when the kidneys can no longer filter out all of the protein and blood gets into the urine. In order to effectively treat proteinuria, you must first figure out what is causing it to occur. Lower your salt intake. Salt decreases the amount of water in the body and exacerbates the swelling that often accompanies protein in the urine. Lower your blood pressure. Proteinuria is often found in combination with high blood pressure, because high blood pressure weakens capillaries in the kidneys. Before treating the blood in your urine, your doctor will test and treat you for high blood pressure. Reduce the amount of protein you eat. Remember that protein comes from many different foods, not just meat and fish. Eliminate your urinary tract infections. Frequent UTIs can prolong proteinuria because of the easy transmission of bacteria between the urinary tract and kidneys. Control your blood sugar levels. This especially important for patients who have already been diagnosed with diabetes, as there is a direct correlation between diabetes and kidney diseases, such as proteinuria. Ask your doctor about using angiotensin converting enzyme ACE inhibitors. Using these inhibitors is a common way to treat proteinuria, as they have been shown to reduce the protein levels found in the urine. 
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