Treatment for Split Finger Tips

  fingers get splits just below fingernail, very sore, have tried antibiotic salve, peroxide, very hard to heal 

Posted By: Anonymous on Oct 24, 2011
 The best home remedy for split fingers is an ointment containing citronella oil. This is because citronella oil is a potential fungicidal. It has to be used with a base as some times in concentrated form it may irritate the skin of the finger tips. Split fingers causes cracks and bleeding in the finger tips. Therefore it is necessary to apply a moisturizer and petroleum jelly is best suited. It helps to keep the hand and finger greasy and at the same time helps in the process of healing. Use of udder cream is another home remedy for split finger. It is usually used as a preventive measure for udder chapping in cows. While treating split fingers, it is also imperative to improve the immunity of your body. Eat and drink plenty of organic food. Keep your body well hydrated with drinking water and fruit juices. Simple preventive measures include wearing latex gloves, to prevent from scratching. Avoid washing with harsh detergents, stay away from constant use of water as in case dish washing and other house hold activities. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 28 Oct 2011 
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