Heart Disease Treatment

  my heart always beat fasteverytime when someone hurts me or something makes me feel depressed.It really hurts and I feel like something on it and feel difficult to breath( about1year now) and a low of memory that recently happened to me in these weeks. 

Posted By: Anonymous on Nov 02, 2011
 Thank you for contacting Home Remedy Haven for a solution. Well, it is likely that you are suffering from arrhythmia. It is an abnormal rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. There are various types, but all are due to some problem with the electrical conducting system of the heart. Some arrhythmias are more serious than others. Some are intermittent and come and go, others are permanent unless treated. The condition is characterized by palpitations which are abnormal awareness of your heartbeat, an abnormally fast, slow, or irregular pulse, dizziness or feeling faint, shortness of breath and chest pains which sometimes develop. It is extremely important to consult a doctor as each type of arrhythmia has specific treatment options. Also, treating any underlying cause such as ischaemic heart disease, or high blood pressure may also be important in controlling certain arrhythmias. Please note that the heart is an extremely vital organ of your body. It is therefore tricky treating it with any home remedies. Then again, most heart complications should always be treated on time before the condition worsens. In the meantime, eat well and exercise to avoid stress and to facilitate adequate circulation of blood. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 03 Nov 2011 
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