How to Reduce Phlegm

  flem in chest coughing none stop 

Posted By: Anonymous on Nov 05, 2011
 Coughing is a reflex action. It helps us to purge the respiratory tract of foreign bodies or our own body secretions, or any irritants, thus making breathing easier. A cough may be a dry cough, also known as a non productive cough, or a productive cough which also has phlegm. One of the common phlegm remedies is steam inhalation. You will need a vaporizer to get started. Even a conical flask or narrow mouthed vessel will do. Boil some tap water and pour it carefully into the vessel you are using. While inhaling steam, pull a towel over your head in order to reduce the amount of steam escaping. The steam inhalation will loosen out the phlegm and relieve the sinus and throat. This will reduce the irritation and the phlegm cough. You can make the steam inhalation more effective by using a few drops of eucalyptus oil or a few mint leaves. The addition of some mint leaves or eucalyptus oil makes steam inhalation a potent home remedy for mucus in throat. Steam may also be obtained from a hot bath. Be careful not to scald yourself, though. The hot shower should just be hot enough to create a foggy environment in the bathroom. 
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