Appendicitis Treatment

  Terrible pain in my right lower side? (Female). Last night there was a throbbing pain in my left, now it hurts terrible on my right lower side, I feel like vomiting. What is it? 

Posted By: Anonymous on Nov 16, 2011
 That is most likely to be Appendicitis. It occurs more frequently between the ages of 11 and 39, though it can occur at any age. It usually starts as a gradual pain around the belly button or umbilicus, and then move over to the lower right lower abdomen. It is associated with feelings of wanting to vomit, or actual vomiting after the unset of pain, reduced appetite, and one may even develop a temperature. Please seek immediate medical treatment as the conditioncan be life threatening if ignored or left untreated. The appendix may be removed or you may have to undergo other forms of treatment to get rid of the pain. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 10 Jan 2012 
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