Relief for Herpes Burning

  what can i do to stop the burning from genital herpies 

Posted By: Anonymous on Nov 19, 2011
 When it comes to unfortunate physical discomfort caused by an outbreak, there is no way to completely prevent itching or burning except to mitigate it using simple home remedies. These include washing the infected area with soap and water daily and keeping the infected area dry at all times. During outbreaks, herpes wear loose underwear, preferably cotton, and loose, comfortable clothing that allows the skin to breathe. Treating the lesions with over the counter anti itch creams and ointments is highly discouraged, as use of these topical treatments hinders the healing process. If you have active outbreaks, avoid sexual intercourse, as friction exacerbates the lesions. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 09 Dec 2011 
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