Removing a Boil

  I have a half dollar size boil on my upper inner thigh hurts like hell very red and hot should I go to the emergency room 

Posted By: Anonymous on Nov 20, 2011
 The common cause for boils on inner thigh is the entry of the germ staphylococcal in the body through cuts and scrapes in the skin, or the germ can settle itself on the hair and seep into the skin through the follicle. Another cause could be an ingrown hair or a damaged hair follicle. The treatment for boils on inner thighs depends upon the size and severity of the boil. If the boil is small and firm with no evident opening, then the doctor may just prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers to cure the infection from within. However, if the infection is deep in the tissue, it does not get drained easily, in such circumstances the doctor covers the boil with sterile gauze so that pus can continue to drain. The gauze is usually removed in a couple of days. At times, large skin abscess need to be surgically opened and drained, and treated with intravenous antibiotics. See your doctor to confirm if the boil requires surgical removal or just draining. In the meantime, try heat applications as they are very helpful for boils that are in their early stage. Hot packs increase circulation around the infected area which enables the antibodies and white blood cells to fight infection by forming the pulsate. Keep the heat application on until the boil ruptures and the pus drains out completely. When the boil is drained out, clean the entire area with an antibacterial soap or liquid. Pat it dry, and apply a medicated ointment and a bandage. Continue to clean the area a couple of times in the day and use warm compresses until it heals. Never puncture the boil with a metal object or even apply pressure with fingers. It will aggravate the condition, and cause more boils. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 09 Dec 2011 
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