Preventing Hand Numbness

  What can I do when I wake up with my hands tingling and hurting because they've fallen asleep? 

Posted By: Anonymous on Dec 08, 2011
 Numbness in the hands is a sensation of loss of feelings in the hands, often referred to as falling asleep. Symptoms of hand numbness are tingling, pins and needles, prickling sensations. Sleeping on your hands or holding your hands above your head for a long period of time will cause numbness in the hands. If the numbness has been caused by keeping your hand in the same position for a long time, it is time to exercise that hand and ease the circulation in your hands. However, if the numbness is a result of over activity of the hand, resting the hand is the first cure. Thus it need not be said that while treating a numbness of the hand, identifying the root cause is all important. Avoid remaining in the same position for a long time, especially when watching TV or working on a computer. Keep curling and stretching your arms and legs and slowly exercise your fingers intermittently. Popping multivitamins that include zinc, chromium, and folic acid will also help to get rid of the numbness. In some cases, the numbness is originally caused due to excessive intake of alcohol, so avoiding it will be a wise decision. Quit smoking too, as it reduces blood flow to the extremities of the body. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 05 Feb 2012 
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