Relief for Jalapeno Juice Burn

  Jalapeno juice burn 

Posted By: Anonymous on Dec 11, 2011
 Taking the sting out of a jalapeno burn on your skin or in your mouth is as simple as drinking milk or rubbing it on the burn. Milk contains casein, a phosphoprotein that removes the capsaicin from nerve receptor binding sites in the mouth. Applying milk to the skin is just as effective since casein acts almost as a detergent to capsaicin molecules. The casein in milk accounts for approximately 3 percent of milk. Milk chocolate and some beans and nuts also contain casein, but there is no anecdotal or scientific evidence to suggest these may help decrease the pain of a jalapeno burn. A burn on the skin or in the mouth from a jalapeno can be counteracted by the application of lemon or lime juice. The citric acid in lemon and lime juice neutralizes the alkaline nature of jalapeno in the capsaicin. Use the juice as a mouth wash or swab the affected skin to reduce the pain. While capsaicin is insoluble in cold water, the application of cold compresses to the burnt area can still bring relief by numbing the area. If the eye is affected by either getting jalapeno juice in the area or rubbing the eye with burnt hands, flush the eye immediately with water. 
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